Rachel Nilsson
Rachel Nilsson

Rags to Raches, Pleasant Grove

AGE: 32
BORN: Provo
TITLE: Founder + CEO

Rags to Raches is not kidding around. In just two short years, founder Rachel Nilsson went from selling her kids’ used clothes on Instagram to designing her original kid romper to selling more than $1 million worth of product to getting three offers from sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Boom.

The YELLOW Talking “I hope to laugh every day. I’m laid back. I don’t give my employees set schedules — I just tell them to get the job done. I want them to enjoy their job.”

First Job “I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 19. My first gig was sewing and selling my shirts at a local boutique called JMR. I was in all five locations sewing 500 shirts a week. It was NUTS!”

Favorite Accomplishment “We donated hundreds of rompers to orphans in Haiti with Let It Flow. It felt so good to be in a place where I could afford to clothe hundreds of kids who desperately needed it. So, so cool.”

Motivating Employees “Turn on a little Salt-N-Pepa — it usually does the trick.”

Key To Success “Being authentic. Social media is so transparent these days. People know if you actually believe in your product or if you’re just trying to make a buck. I love my business — and it shows.”

Youthful Advice “Hustle.”

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