Sean Watkins
Sean Watkins

SnapPower, Vineyard

AGE: 31
BORN: Orem
TITLE: Co-founder

Sean Watkins has a bright, bright future. His company’s flagship product, SnapPower Guidelight, has been called “The best nightlight in history” by The Family Handyman and been featured on Inc., Forbes, the Today Show, and Business Insider.

The YELLOW Talking “I am a naturally outgoing and happy person, though I can be a fairly intense individual at times.”

Biggest Accomplishment “Getting up in the morning each day and doing my best, regardless of what happened the day before.”

On Disappointments “Anytime I’m faced with a disappointment, I tend to work harder. Something good can come out of almost any disappointment if you work hard enough at it.”

In 10 Years “I’ll be doing the same things I’m doing now — laser focused on building a company at work and spending time with my amazing family at home.”

Youthful Advice “Starting and running a successful company is all about the team. These are the people who surround you on a day-to-day basis and will ultimately determine the overall success of the company. No one person can do everything right. Success is a collective effort by like-minded individuals with similar goals and work ethic.”

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