Utah-Tube: GENTRI and Madilyn Paige perform soul piercing duet for Operation Underground Railroad


Utah musicians GENTRI and Madilyn Paige joined together for a soul piercing tribute to Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.).

GENTRI, a Utah trio, wrote on the YouTube video that they were inspired to help raise awareness for O.U.R. after being asked to perform at a benefit concert for the organization and then viewing the documentary, “The Abolitionists,” about the rescue crews.

“We chose the songs “Say Something” (Great Big World) and “Angel” (Sarah McLachlan) because more than just sounding hauntingly beautiful together, they really highlight the two extremes of this situation,” GENTRI wrote on YouTube. “First, the horrors and hopeless nature of these kids’ reality as they suffer in silence, secretly pleading for someone with a voice more powerful than their own to speak up and pull them from the living hell they are experiencing. Second, the introduction of hope in the form of people (angels) willing to selflessly put their own lives at risk in an effort to try and  ‘pull [these kids] from the wreckage.’”

O.U.R. is a nonprofit organization that travels the world to rescue children being human trafficked. Learn more about the organization here.

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