Utah-Tube: Payson group says ‘we matter’ with cover of Tony Award nominated song


Dahlia Row, a new Utah Valley YouTube group, wants everyone to feel their worth through their newest cover, “You Matter To Me.”

“This song means a lot to us because at different times in our lives we all need to know that we matter,” said Chris Meek, a singer for the group, in the YouTube video.

“You Matter To Me” is from a new Broadway musical, “Waitress,” which was written by singer Sara Bareilles. The musical was nominated for four Tony Awards in 2016.

The new group of three — including Becky Foster (piano and vocals), Lynda Breese (violin) and Chris Meek (vocals) — are all from Payson, Utah.

Dahlia Row chose their group name because of the challenges the individual group members have had in getting a chance to share their musical talents.

“(Dahlia) is a flower that symbolizes enduring grace, inner strength and standing strong in personal sacred values,” the group wrote in an email. “We’ve found that personally in our own life challenges, and music has had its place in giving us part of that grace and strength. We’ve discovered that together — in a way — music creation with each other filling a void that we’ve felt over the years. And finally the row (meaning road) part is that we know that life will never be free of struggle, but through a sense of community, companionship, family, spirituality and music, we can all have that strength.”

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