Utah-Tube: Bored Shorts TV and Jamesthemormon share epic handshake


Bored Shorts TV and Jamesthemormon sealed their friendship with an epic handshake in the most recent “Kid Snippets” video.

In the video, Bored Shorts TV’s John Roberts and Jamesthemormon come up with their own special handshake.

“We have to let them know that this is our handshake, no one else’s,” Roberts mimics in the video.

Bored Shorts TV, creator of “Kid History” and “Kid Snippets,” is a Utah Valley YouTube channel where adults act out stories told by children.

Jamesthemormon is a Provo musician who hit No. 1 on the Top Hip-Hop/Rap Album iTunes chart in April with his album, “Not a Rapper.”

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