Adoption: Two families, twice the love

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When a couple adopts, they’re not just opening their hearts and homes to welcome one new family member. Birth parents and their families often become a part of the new family equation.

Lauren Andrews, a social services worker at Utah Adoption Specialists, gives two insights into the new world that’s created through adoption.

1. Open adoption doesn’t mean co-parenting.

“There are many people in every child’s life, adopted or not, who love that child. A birth parent and extended birth family members are more people who love the child. They don’t want to step on the new parents’ toes — they just want to share in the life of the child they both love. Open adoption is all about more people to love the child.”

2. Adoption is love and sacrifice.

“It’s about one child being loved so much by two different families that lives are changed, sacrifices are made, and two families are permanently united for that child’s well-being.”


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