Utah-Tube: Live version of Pokémon Go played at the Provo City Library


One group of Utah YouTubers are bringing the new popular game app, Pokémon Go, to life at various locations in Utah.

Dressed as Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon TV show, Adam Vuinovic chased Nellie and Bryce Jurgensmeier (The Jurgys) and Austin Spomer (Austin & Jess Vlogs) — who were dressed as Pikachu and Charmander (popular Pokémon characters) — around Utah cities. The group used giant pokéballs, the instrument used to capture Pokémon, to throw at the retreating Pokémon characters. And sometimes they invited others to join in the dodgeball-esque game. 

Part of the video is filmed at one of Utah County’s most popular Pokemon Go PokeStops — the Provo City Library.

“Many people have flowered under my tutelage,” Vuinovic joked as he walked around Provo City Library.

Besides the Provo City Library, the group filmed in downtown Salt Lake. The Jurgys reported in a live video that they had a few security personnel kick them out of some locations. While they didn’t name the specific location, they hinted to it on Facebook.

“We haven’t laughed this much and this hard in a LONG time!” the Jurgys posted on Facebook. “This is the best way to deal with the Pokémon Go craze. And we loved making this video with our friends Austin (Spomer), Jessica (Spomer), Adam (Vuinovic), Michael (Boren), Spencer (Streuper), Miguel (Guzman), Allison (Guzman), and the LDS Temple Square Security … they’re impressive.”

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