Filling Utah Valley with angels: What local charities need from volunteers and donations


Follow the lead of these angels and find a way to earn your wings at one of these local charities. You can donate your time (clock), money (cash), food (apple), clothes (t-shirt), or other supplies (books).

Kids on the Move

Kids on the move

Kids on the Move helps children with special needs in Utah County. They provide support for child development through Early Intervention, Early Head Start and the KOTM Autism Center.

The Center for Women and Children in Crisis

Center for women and children in crisis

The Center for Women and Children in Crisis provides resources for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation

Bridle up hope

Bridle Up Hope instills confidence and hope in young women through equestrian training.

Family Support & Treatment Center

Family support and treatment center

The Family Support & Treatment Center prevents and treats child abuse.

Tabitha’s Way

Center for women and children in crisis

Tabitha’s Way provides free food and other life-sustaining supplies to people in need in the community.

Project Read

Tabitha's way

Project Read offers one-on-one tutoring to illiterate adults in Utah County.

Aware of Angels

Tabitha's way

Through the use of photography, Aware of Angels raises awareness for children with rare genetic disorders.

Volunteering with Utah Valley angels stats and facts:

Angels volunteer infographic


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