Utah-Tube: Elizabeth Smart explains how pornography played a role in her abduction


Elizabeth Smart teamed up with Fight the New Drug to share the dangerous effects of pornography, specifically how they made her nine months of captivity even worse.

In 2002, Elizabeth Smart made headlines when she was kidnapped from her bedroom in Salt Lake. Smart, only 14 at the time, spent nine months held captive where she was raped daily by her captor Brian David Mitchell.

“I remember he pulled out this magazine of hard core pornography,” Smart said in the video. “I remember he would just sit and look at it and stare at it. … When he was done, he would turn and look at me and he’d be like, ‘Now we’re going to do this.’ It just led to him raping me more, more than he already did, which was a lot.”

“All I know is pornography made my living hell worse.”                        —Elizabeth Smart

“Looking at pornography wasn’t enough for him. Having sex with his wife after looking at pornography wasn’t enough for him. And then it led him to finally going out and kidnapping me. He just always wanted more. I can’t say that he would not have gone out and kidnapped me if he had not looked at pornography. All I know is pornography made my living hell worse.”

Since her rescue, Smart has become a advocate of sexual assault survivors. She travels the country giving speeches, created the Elizabeth Smart Foundation and joined her foundation with Operation Underground Railroad.

Fight the New Drug is a nonprofit organization that warns people about the dangers pornography have on the mind and in a relationship. Learn more about the organization at fightthenewdrug.org.

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