Utah-Tube: BYU Vocal Point ‘goes the distance’ in music video featuring The All-American Boys Chorus


BYU Vocal Point “went the distance” this summer with a tour in California, including Disneyland, and now with a new music video, “Go The Distance” from Disney’s “Hercules.”

The 9-man a cappella group was joined by The All-American Boys Chorus, a group made up of boys from Southern California, for its second time. The All-American Boys Chorus joined Vocal Point for “Homeward Bound” in 2015.

“In the final moments of the music video, you see the talented All-American Boys Chorus join us on the shore of a beautiful Dana Point beach in Southern California,” said McKay Crocket, BYU Vocal Point director, in a press release. “What you don’t see is the tide getting higher and higher and, by the final takes, actually getting all of us pretty wet. When the director of the video yelled, ‘That’s a wrap,’ everyone quickly ran for higher ground! After watching the video, we think it was worth it.”

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