At a glance: Like a #boss, these 10 companies are driving our local economy and influencing the world with their strength, smarts and stamina. Read on and meet the makers.



City Pleasant Grove Founded 2008 Employees 2,000 Industry Health and wellness/direct sales Website doTERRA.com Founder David Stirling, 53 The Company A producer and distributor of essential oils, including personal care and spa products, nutritional supplements and healthy living products.

#GOALS doTERRA has become essential to our business community. With a 2015 revenue of $1.2 billion, nearly 1,800 employees in Utah, a global network of more than three million wellness advocates, and a corporate headquarters sitting on 60 acres in Pleasant Grove (from which they package and ship more than 6 million bottles of essential oils each month), this direct sales titan is moving fast and working fierce.

#GIVINGBACK Through its Healing Hands Foundation, doTERRA strives to help impoverished communities with the tools to become self-reliant. It also heavily invests in local community causes.

#ADVICE “Don’t become convinced that your growth is because of you personally,” Stirling says. “Anything good is almost always a team effort.”

#FUNFACT In September 2016, doTERRA hosted the largest corporate-sponsored convention in Utah with more than 30,000 attendees.

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-11-13-amNO.2 VIVINT


City Provo Founded 1999 Employees 9,300 (5,000 in Utah) Industry Smart home Website Vivint.com Founder Todd Pedersen, 47 The Company A provider of smart home automation and security.

#GOALS Orange you glad Vivint’s in Utah Valley? It did $653 million in 2015. It’s the largest smart home provider in North America with more than one million customers. It has installed more than 7 million smart home devices. It is the largest high-tech employer in Utah. It’s been named to the Forbes list of “America’s Best Employers.” It has a sister company, Vivint Solar, which is dominating its industry and employing thousands. Need we go on? Because we totally could.

#PROUD “We compete against companies like Google, Apple, AT&T and Comcast, yet the media and the industry place us as the leader in the smart home space,” says Todd Santiago, chief revenue officer.

#FUNFACT In 2015, Todd Pedersen was featured on CBS’ “Undercover Boss,” which was seen by 8 million people.

“I can point to several other fast-growing companies in the state that are led by entrepreneurs who got their start at Vivint. That’s just one example of how we are building a company poised to be a long-term contributor to the local economy.” —Todd Santiago // No. 2 Vivint



City Provo Founded 1984 Employees 1,541 Industry Beauty and wellness/direct sales Website NuSkin.com Founder Blake Roney, 58 The Company A developer of skin care and nutritional products primarily in the anti-aging market.

#GOALS Nu Skin just gets better with age. With $2.25 billion in revenue, a global headquarters that sits on 10 acres in downtown Provo, operations in more than 50 markets worldwide, and more than 1,500 employees in Utah, Nu Skin is a forever force.

#TAKESTOCK Nu Skin is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (“NUS”).

#GIVINGBACK Nu Skin’s Force For Good Foundation has been an integral part of the company’s mission. To date, its sales leaders, customers and employees have donated more than 500 million meals to needy children through its Nourish the Children initiative.

#FUNFACT Since its introduction in 2008, the ageLOC brand has generated more than $5 billion in sales.

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-11-24-amNO.4 ADOBE


City Lehi Founded 1982 (purchased Omniture in 2009) Employees in Utah 1,500 (15,000 worldwide) Industry Technology  Website Adobe.com VP Global Workplace Solutions Jonathan Francom, 42 The Company A provider of digital marketing and digital media solutions.

#GOALS It’s been almost seven years since Adobe purchased Orem-based Omniture for $1.8 billion, ultimately leading the $4-billion global giant to set up shop in Utah Valley. Since then, its stunning Lehi campus now houses 1,500 employees and has literally paved the way for a Point of the Mountain renaissance.

#SQUADGOALS “Adobe employees are genuinely good people who are anxious to make a positive impact — not only in what they do but how they do it,” Francom says. “They are exceptionally talented and high performing.”

#PROUD “It’s exciting to be among the state’s largest and most influential employers in high tech. We take that role seriously and hope that our influence in the community inspires people in and outside of Adobe to do something great. At our site in Lehi, we regularly get about 50 percent of our employees engaged in corporate giving/charitable service projects.”

#FUNFACT Adobe’s state-of-the-art Lehi campus includes panoramic views of Utah Valley, a full gym, an NBA-sized basketball court, a cafe and more.

“It’s exciting to be among the state’s most influential employers in high tech. We take that role seriously.” —Jonathan Francom // No. 4 Adobe



City Provo Founded 2002 Employees 1,160 (786 in Utah) Industry Technology  Website Qualtrics.com Founder Ryan Smith, 38 The Company An enterprise survey platform provider.

#GOALS Qualtrics has the Qs and the As. Customers? 8,500. Countries? 90. Users? 2.5 million. Universities using Qualtrics? 1,800, including 99 of the top 100 business schools. And the survey superstar is just getting started. It just built a 151,000-square-foot headquarters in Provo that takes transparency to “radical” levels. It boasts an open floor plan, a basketball court in the lobby, kids’ play structures, and 17 acres of gardens equipped with wireless connectivity. Oh, and BTW, the company has a valuation of more than $1 billion. #NBD

#CULTUREGOALS “Our culture is built on radical transparency. Everyone knows everything. Most companies fail because they either get focused internally or they focus externally on the wrong things. Radical transparency helps us avoid that by keeping everyone customer obsessed and helping us avoid distractions.”

#ADVICE “Nail it before you scale it. Bootstrap as long as you can. You can either write your own story or have someone write it for you. Bootstrapping gives you so much more opportunity to write your own story.”

“It’s stupid to talk about maintaining your culture. The culture that was right when we had 50 people is not the right culture at 500. And it won’t be the right culture at 5,000. The key is to be intentional about it and to make sure you have the right culture for where you are at the time.” –Ryan Smith // No. 5 Qualtrics

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-10-51-amNO.6 ANCESTRY.COM


City Lehi Founded 1983 Employees 1,400 (1,000 in Utah) Industry Technology/family history Website Ancestry.com CEO Tim Sullivan, 53

The Company The world’s largest online resource for family history and consumer genetics.

#GOALS Success just seems to be in Ancestry’s DNA. With $683 million in sales in 2015, 2 million subscribers, 17 billion records, and 80 million family trees, this genealogy giant is breaking records and taking names.

#BUILDINGBLOCKS In 2016, Ancestry.com moved into its new $35-million global headquarters, which sits on 10.5 acres in Lehi.

#PROUD AncestryDNA, the leader in DNA testing for family history, enables people to uncover their ethnic mix, discover distant relatives, and find new details about their unique family history. Launched in May 2012, the service has DNA samples from more than 2 million people. More than 4 million 3rd cousin and closer matches have been surfaced for customers.

#FUNFACT On average, more than 75 million searches are handled by Ancestry.com servers daily.

#ADVICE “Face challenges with creativity — be willing to look for new ways to solve challenging problems,” Sullivan says.

“Hire great people from diverse backgrounds and invest in them.” —Tim Sullivan // No. 6 Ancestry.com



City Orem Founded 1997 Employees 2,969 (2,604 in Utah) Industry Construction Website ClydeInc.com CEO Wilford Clyde, 63 The Company An administrative agency that supports the needs of five subsidiary organizations that span the construction, building materials and insurance agencies.

#GOALS It’s been 90 years of rock solid work and reputation. The Clyde Companies have built more miles of roads in Utah than any other locally-owned contractor, its numbered among the top 5 recyclers in the state, and in 2015, it donated more than $1 million in time, equipment, materials and dollars to Building a Better Community, which includes work on city and state parks, trails, local schools and more.

#CULTUREGOALS “We expect a culture of hard work, complete integrity and fair compensation,” Clyde says.

#ADVICE “Obtain adequate funding, develop a good business plan, and have the right people in place.”

#FUNFACT “We provide 5 million tons of aggregate from the Point of the Mountain each year to build roads, sidewalks, trails, foundations, buildings, homes and more for the community.”

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-11-00-amNO.8 DOMO


City American Fork Founded 2010 Employees 800 Industry Software Website Domo.com Founder Josh James, 43 The Company A cloud-based business management platform.

#GOALS Domo is dominating, thank you very much. It has a valuation of $2 billion, more than a thousand enterprise customers (including 20 percent of the Fortune 50), and $590 million in funding from top VC firms (Benchmark, Greylock, IVP) as well as CEOs and founders of the world’s largest and most recognized internet businesses (Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos, Hiroshi Mikitani and more).

#SQUADGOALS “I love that any member of my team could be working in executive positions in any tech company they want to,” James says. “They treat this business like it is their own company.”

#OPPORTUNITY “Being an economic engine means creating significant opportunity for people to have meaningful work with great pay and benefits, so that they, in turn, can provide in a meaningful way for their families. Creating and keeping good jobs in Utah County makes our communities economically strong.”

#ADVICE “Do whatever it takes to get the right people on board. The best ones are worth 10-times an average employee.”

“We are mission driven. And we play to win.” -Josh James // No. 8 Domo


City Lehi Founded 2014 Employees 900 Industry Technology Website MaritzCX.com CEO Carine Clark, 53 The Company A customer experience company that combines CX software platforms with industry-leading research services.

#GOALS MaritzCX is a new kid on the Utah Valley block, but man, what an entrance. With a brand new headquarters in Lehi, MaritzCX now has 19 offices around the world (including London, Shanghai and Sydney). It has 1.6 million users on the MaritzCX platform (offered in 72 languages). And its won numerous awards both in and outside its industry.

#HISTORY MaritzCX is the combination of Allegiance Software and Maritz Research, which merged in 2014.

#SQUADGOALS “I love that I have a tribe and that they act like a tribe,” Clark says. “Everyone jumps in when needed to take care of the customer. We have an abundance mentality, and we really all win together.”

#ADVICE “Invest in things that will help you grow faster. Spend every dollar with an eye to what will help you get there faster. Make sure to have fun.”

#FUNFACT CEO Carine Clark won a 2016 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and was also inducted into the Utah Technology Council’s Hall of Fame for 2016. #yearofcarine

“We have a no ‘bad humans’ policy. We are hungry, humble and smart about people.” — Carine Clark // No. 9 MaritzCX


City Provo Founded 1960 Employees 1,600 Industry Health care Website RevereHealth.com CEO Scott Barlow The Company An independent multi-specialty physician group in Utah.

#GOALS Revere Health’s vitals are on point. What started with three doctors in 1960 has grown into the largest independent multi-specialty physician group in Utah. It has more than 100 locations and suites in 40 cities throughout Utah, Arizona and Nevada. It covers 29 medical specialties. And it is one of two Accountable Care Organizations accredited by Medicare in Utah.

#SQUADGOALS “My team cares about our patients. They are truly concerned with patient outcomes and work to provide the best in patient-centered care,” Barlow says.

#CULTUREGOALS “Our corporate culture reflects our goals for our community and our patients — let’s live better. After the recent rebrand, our clinics throughout both the valley and the state have become more unified in the care they provide. They work together to help each and every part of our team live better at work and at home.”

#ADVICE “Do not grow just for the sake of growth. Grow to help your community by discovering a need and meeting it.”

#PROUD “It’s an honor to be one of the top economic engines in the valley. As a healthcare organization, being an economic engine means we are helping create a healthier community.

THE FINE PRINT: The Economic Engines list is selected by BusinessQ’s editorial board and is ranked based on factors including annual revenue, number of employees, contributions to Utah County’s economy, as well as timely and momentous milestones.

THE FINE PRINT: The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on a percentage growth over the three-year period from 2012-2015. The base year must have a revenue of at least $100,000. Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. Companies in a franchise model are measured by sales from their corporate-owned stores along with royalty revenues from their franchisees. The revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibility for companies that did not apply.


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