At a glance: Life in the fast lane ain’t for the faint of heart. Meet 30 Utah Valley companies with the winning ticket.


Three-Year Growth 192,737% 2015 Revenue $283.4 million City Lehi Founded 2012 Employees 541 Industry Beauty/direct sales Website YouniqueProducts.com Founders Derek Maxfield, 40; Melanie Huscroft, 44 The Company A direct sales beauty company that sells makeup and skin care products.

#GOALS Melanie Huscroft was a stay-at-home mom for 16 years while her brother Derek Maxfield started and sold NetSteps (after it was named UV50’s No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company, thank you very much). Huscroft worked on product prototypes while Maxfield created the software platform. As soon as the Younique logo went live, it created cult-like devotion to the purple cause. Today, 500,000 presenters in nine countries share makeup and skin care products.

#SQUAREFOOTGOALS Younique started with 3,000 square feet in Pleasant Grove at what they affectionately call the “Dollar Store Campus.” Employees took daily runs to 40 storage units to get products for shipping. Next stop? Four nearby buildings at Thanksgiving Point (including Xango’s space), and are now living large in 200,000 square feet in Lehi.

#SOLD “For Mother’s Day 2014, we created a combination of items in a special bag,” Maxfield says. “In one day, we sold a million dollars in items. On some busy shipping days like this, my wife and kids would help pack until 2 a.m. and then we would realize they had school the next day.”



Three-Year Growth 4,390% 2015 Revenue $8.5 million City Provo Founded 2009 Employees 27 Industry Retail Website FreshlyPicked.com Founder Susan Petersen, 37 The Company A designer and manufacturer of baby moccasins.

#GOALS Our No. 1 Fastest-Growing company last year, Freshly Picked — and its legions of leather-footed babes — stepped into the spotlight and never looked back. Its moccs are sold online, in boutiques and in Nordstrom stores nationwide. With 660,000 followers on Instagram, appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” US Weekly covers, and, of course, the entrepreneur-coveted “Shark Tank,” Freshly Picked has developed an intensely loyal fanbase who are buying baby moccs like it’s their job.

#SQUADGOALS “We have a culture of freedom and responsibility. I love to let my team crush it,” Petersen says.

#ADVICE “Find your target market and where they hang out.”

#ULTIMATEGOAL “World domination.”

“It sounds stupid, but find your voice. Be real with your followers. They have to feel like they know you.” —Susan Petersen// No. 2 Freshly Picked



Three-Year Growth 1,510% 2015 Revenue $83.8 million City Lehi Founded 2011 Employees 84 Industry Retail Website Jane.com Founder Mike McEwan, 38 The Company An online boutique marketplace featuring women’s fashion, home decor and children’s clothing.

#GOALS Meet Jane — last year’s No. 2 Fastest-Growing Company and a Startup to Watch in 2013. This daily deal online boutique is dominating with substance and style. It ranked on the Inc. 500 two years in a row, and founder Mike McEwan was just named a 2016 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Them Tarzan. Them Jane.

#SQUADGOALS Jane’s workforce is a dedicated one. In fact, many of the company’s employees are part-time, stay-at-home moms. “We’re completely flexible with their hours, and they provide invaluable service to our team,” McEwan says.

#GIVINGBACK Jane has been involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts, including campaigns like #BeTheGood and #StrongLikeYou.

#CULTUREGOALS “We’ve grown because of our compassion. We are compassionate to our employees, sellers, customers and community.”

#ADVICE “Focus on what you’re best at and BE the best at it.”

“I’m more concerned with creating a company that is creative and compassionate. I want this to be about more than a paycheck.” —Mike McEwan // No. 3 JANE


Three-Year Growth 1,419% 2015 Revenue $52 million City Lindon Founded 2007 Employees 85

Industry Health/natural foods Website BetterBodyFoods.com Founder Stephen Richards, 55

The Company A creator and manufacturer of natural and organic products including PBfit, LIVfit Superfood, coconut oils, agave nectar, chia seeds and more.

#GOALS BetterBody Foods has never been better. It distributes to national and major retailers throughout the United States and the UK. It sources raw materials from 13 countries and packages products in its 110,000-square-foot facility.

#SQUADGOALS “I love to see personal growth,” Richards says. “We are all learning and sharing in the experience together. Truly amazing.”

#CULTUREGOALS “We take our business very seriously, but we do not take ourselves seriously. We try to enjoy what we do.”

#ADVICE “Be careful who you raise money with.”



Three-Year Growth 837% 2015 Revenue $1.8 million City Pleasant Grove Founded 2005 Employees 10 Industry Retail Website BabyBlingBows.com Founder Summer Zenger Harris, 37

The Company A designer and manufacturer of handmade bow accessories.

#GOALS They like big bows and they cannot lie. Baby Bling has more than 42,000 followers on Instagram, they manufacture all of their bows in the United States, and they contract the services of 60 local women to make every headband. Their bows are sold online, in boutiques and at Nordstrom stores all over the country.

#SQUADGOALS “We are all friends here. Really,” Harris says. “The negativity is low and the positivity is high. We laugh, we sing to crappy music, and we have an enjoyable time at work every day.”

#GOGREEN “We are currently working on a recycling program that will use leftover scraps of our materials and re-use them in new children’s products.”

#ADVICE “Take your time. Scale properly.”

#GirlPower: Four of the top five Fastest-Growing companies are geared toward an almost-exclusively female clientele. Makeup, baby moccs, online boutique, baby bows. Who run the world? (Pssst! It’s girls.)


Three-Year Growth 462% 2015 Revenue $7.8 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2009 EmployeesIndustry Health/wellness Website HealthCanBeSimple.com Founders Amber Smithson, 36; Jared Smithson, 42

The Company A certified health coach team who are independent health coaches with Take Shape for Life.

#GOALS Talk about a healthy business. This married team of coaches has worked with thousands of clients to improve their well-being in health, mind and finances.

#SQUADGOALS “Our team can be found busting a move on the dance floor at any time. We are also extremely family-oriented and expect that every team member put that as a top priority.”

#ADVICE “Get lean with your time. Saying YES to growing your company sometimes means saying NO to other worthy things.”

#ULTIMATEGOAL “To transform the health and culture of obesigenic America. We plan to hit $20 million in annual revenue by 2020.”



Three-Year Growth 450% 2015 Revenue $5 million City American Fork Founded 2009 Employees 90 Industry eLearning Website eLearningBrothers.com Founders Andrew Scivally, 39; Shawn Scivally, 37

The Company A global provider of eLearning templates, custom eLearning design, and training for eLearning professionals.

#GOALS A former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company, eLearning Brothers is still eKilling it. As the iStockPhoto of eLearning, it has the largest library of eLearning games, templates, quizzes, interactions, layouts, skins and scenarios.

#LIBRARYGOALS Speaking of that large library, it has 40,000-plus eLearning cutouts, games and interactions and more than a million stock images.

#SQUADGOALS The company really was founded by two brothers. And every employee is inducted as an honorary “brother” and “sister.” They wear orange, they ninja jump with clients, and they “slow clap” to celebrate company sales. (Oh, brother.)

#CLIENTGOALS These homebros have quite the impressive list of clients: eBay, Amazon, Adobe, Apple, Costco, Disney, FedEx, Walmart, Coca-Cola, NASA, McDonald’s, Canon and more.


Three-Year Growth 375%

2015 Revenue $2 million City Lehi Founded 2008 Employees 40 Industry Marketing Website BigLeap.com Founder Bryan Phelps, 32 The Company A digital marketing agency focused on helping brands develop a strong online presence.

#GOALS Growing almost exclusively through referrals and reputation, Big Leap has leapt largely onto the scene. They service clients in Utah and all over the country, including WorkFront, Domo, Bullfrog Spas, Deseret News, BambooHR and others.

#SQUADGOALS “We’re only as good as our team,” Phelps says. “The thing I love most about them is their belief in our company focus word: growth.”

#ADVICE “Grow responsibly. It’s easy to get swept up with competitors that seem to be growing at a quicker rate, but sustainable growth will win in the long run.”

#FUNFACTS “We have the best Jim Halpert lookalike you’ve ever seen (picture available upon request). Also, our conference rooms are named after things on ‘Arrested Development,’ such as The Banana Stand, Milford Academy and The Aztec Tomb.”

“Our goal is to grow as quickly as we can — without sacrificing results or  reputation.” —Bryan Phelps // No. 8 Big leap


Three-Year Growth 374%

2015 Revenue $6.4 million City Provo Founded 2012 Employees 75 Industry Computer support Website MyFastPC.com Founder Ryan Grover, 37

The Company A provider of home-based computer support to home PC and Apple users.

#GOALS MyFastPC is powered up. In its four-year history, it has serviced more than 90,000 clients and resolved millions of computer issues and problems.

#SQUADGOALS “We have an extremely open corporate culture,” Grover says. “We live as a unit, discuss problems together and set strategy as a team. It is the greatest team I’ve ever been a part of.”

#BESTMOMENT “In 2014, we had a goal to increase our membership subscription base to over 7,500, and we crushed it by closing the quarter with almost 8,000 subscribers.”

#IFWALLSCOULDTALK “We have a mural of Winston Churchill in our office with his famous quote: ‘Never, never, never give up.’”

#ULTIMATEGOAL “To create a nationwide brand that is synonymous with the Geek Squad. When people think about who to call for technical support, I want them to call us.”



Three-Year Growth 373%

2015 Revenue $3.7 million City American Fork Founded 2011 Employees 33 Industry Retail/repair services  Website iQueRepair.com Founder KC Kelly, 28 The Company A provider of repairs, warranties and accessories for all things mobile.

#GOALS iQue Repair is fixin’ for repair domination. With nine locations, it is Utah and northern Arizona’s premier leader in same-day iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple computer repairs.

#SQUADGOALS “We are like a family unit,” Kelly says. “More like a division of a military group. We will die for each other, proverbially. I want to setup my team so that all my managers make north of $100k per year and my technicians can fix stuff and not worry about money.”

#ADVICE “Execute. A well-executed poor plan will always beat out a poorly-executed great plan!”

#ULTIMATEGOAL “To provide value for my team members and customers. I care about making a difference in this world, one device at a time.”

industryNO.11 IDEALSHAPE

Three-Year Growth 360%

2015 Revenue $19.8 million City American Fork Founded 2003 Employees 90 Industry Health and fitness Website IdealShape.com Founder David Meine, 59 The Company A creator of health and fitness products such as weight-loss shakes, snack bars and supplements.

#GOALS With proven products and a savvy online marketing plan (the company has more than 630,000 followers on Facebook), IdealShape has had an ideal growth trajectory. And from weight loss drinks and supplements to best selling books, it has quite literally shaped its market.

#PASSION “Our passion is to transform and improve lives by creating products that are convenient to use and proven to work in the health and fitness industry,” Meine says.

#VALUES IdealShape operates under seven company values: 1. Family. 2. Passion. 3. Collaboration. 4. Work hard, play hard. 5. Learn, teach, improve. 6. Empower. 7. Finish.

#ULTIMATEGOAL “We will continue to add great products. At IdealShape our unique company culture is what makes it so fun and fulfilling to come to work each and every day. As we continue to grow, we are determined to maintain this special environment.”


Three-Year Growth 359%

2015 Revenue $50.8 million City Lehi Founded 2007 Employees 95 Industry Marketing/technology Website TravelPassGroup.com Founders Ryan Williams, 41; Ryan McCoy, 40

The Company A Partner Fusion company, TravelPass is a technology business that helps consumers find and save on the best travel destinations.

#GOALS TravelPass Group is so fly. It’s leading its market with more than 10,000 rooms booked per day. It has partnerships with independent and brand-name hotels, wholesalers, and the largest travel agencies (such as Expedia and Priceline), which allows TravelPass to represent a combined inventory of more than 1 million properties worldwide.

#PROUD “We’ve become the largest partner for Expedia and the largest search partner for Priceline in a field of more than 5,000 partners.”

#ADVICE “We’ve been successful by testing and optimizing everything we do. Focus on customer needs and learn how to reach them efficiently. Don’t borrow money too early. Focus on growing revenue before fundraising.”

#FUNFACT “The president of Guatemala is replicating the work of our company foundation, First Desk, which helps children in schools in developing countries.”

“We are entrepreneurs and innovators to the core.” —Ryan Williams // No. 12 Travelpass group



Three-Year Growth 349%  2015 Revenue $3.3 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2011 Employees 13 Industry Merchant processing Website PlatPay.com Founder Nathan Hughes, 39

The Company A provider of scalable payment solutions all through a single point of integration.

#GOALS Credit where credit is due, people. With strong partnerships, a niche market and a dedicated team, Platinum Payment Systems has dominated its ePayment industry.

#GROWTHGOALS “Our primary goal is to generate processing volumes within our client base in excess of $1 billion annually,” Hughes says.

#ADVICE “Don’t spread yourselves too thin. The whole idea of ‘jack of all trades, masters of none’ can take over. Get the core competencies of your company fully mastered and well oiled before taking on fringe projects.”

#FUNFACT “Pranks are mandatory. Don’t go into the bathroom and expect to not have someone lurking outside to scare the living daylights out of you! There are a few of us who have learned to work constantly with our heads on a swivel.”



Three-Year Growth 300% 2015 Revenue $38.4 million City Lehi Founded 2009 Employees 475 Industry Marketing Website Boostability.com Founders Jared Turner, 38

The Company A provider of digital marketing services, including SEO, local search, website creation and more.

#GOALS A former No. 1 and No. 2 Fastest-Growing Company, Boostability is still quick on its SEO feet. It has three offices in Utah, with more than 17,500 active clients throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

#VALUES “These are our core values — the boost way,” Turner says. “1. Honestly, Be Honest. 2. Be Excellent to Everyone. 3. Get Next Action. 4. Be Customer Fanatics. 5. Collaborate, then Commit.”

#AWARDS In addition to its UV50 honors, Boostability has ranked on the Inc. 500.



Three-Year Growth 258%

2015 Revenue $39.4 million City Orem Founded 2000 Employees 150 Industry Security/connected home Website NorthStarHome.com Founder Jason Christensen, 44

The Company A home security and automation company.

#GOALS Nothing alarming about this: NorthStar Alarm has more than 50,000 customers and is one of the fastest-growing security and home automation companies in America.

#SQUADGOALS “The strengths and skills we bring to the table are extremely varied,” Christensen says. “It’s basically like the movie ‘Avengers.’ I’m probably most like Nick Fury with no real super powers — but I’m lucky to be able to work with some amazing people.”

#HUMBLEBEGINNINGS “We started out in a space equivalent to Harry Potter’s closet under the stairs, only it was above a dental office.”

#FUNFACT “Our conference rooms are all named after famous constellations: Aries, Orion, Aquila and Phoenix.”



Three-Year Growth 249% 2015 Revenue $79.4 million City American Fork Founded 2008 Employees 1,800 Industry Food and beverage/restaurant development  Website FourFoodsGroup.com Founders Andrew K. Smith, 40; Shauna K. Smith, 37

The Company A restaurant development, investment, management and operations company.

#GOALS Four Foods Group is a restaurant development wizard. Having primarily worked with Kneaders, it has built 50-plus restaurants from the ground-up and operates more than 1,800 employees in four different states. FFG is now accepting additional brands, so its growth ain’t going anywhere.

#CULTUREGOALS “Our culture is unique,” Smith says. “We base it on one statement I use all the time: ‘Positivity Breeds Success.’ It works.”

#ADVICE “Build it to pass on. It’s all about legacy. So hire a team of loyal people who will create a culture that drives for success daily. Build a company you can put your name on with pride.“



Three-Year Growth 244%

2015 Revenue $1.6 million City Highland Founded 2006 Employees 15 Industry Marketing Website Goodwin.Media Founder Stewart Goodwin, 35

The Company A creative agency focused on helping clients with branding, user interaction, design, social media marketing, and development solutions.

#GOALS Goodwin Media’s got the goods. It consistently ranks on our Fastest-Growing list thanks to a pristine product and happy clients (including the likes of Adobe, Xactware, and KSL).

#CULTUREGOALS “It’s been hard to define exactly what our culture is. Typically you think of ping-pong tables and crazy company outings, but with us it’s more natural. Our culture promotes healthy living, exercise, freedom, family time and accountability. People come and go as they need to, but the work always gets done. More times than not, we need to tell people to take a break.”

#PROUD “When I first started the company, I wondered if we’d ever get to do work for companies other people knew about or brands we felt passionate about. And now it feels like almost every project we take on is with another brand we’re simply ecstatic to be working with.”

“Focus on results that create value. Money follows value.” —Stewart Goodwin // No. 17 Goodwin Media



Three-Year Growth 232%

2015 Revenue $233.6 million City Orem Founded 2011 Employees 111 Industry Real estate Website EdgeHomes.com Founders Gordon Jones, 45; Joel Harris, 45

The Company A residential construction company.

#GOALS EDGE has the edge. With more than 30 communities across Utah and 50-plus unique and customizable floor plans, EDGE Homes has been recognized as the nation’s fastest-growing home builder.

#ADVICE “Relationships matter,” Jones says. “No matter how big you get, it’s always about people. You need to care about doing the right thing.”

#NOPROBLEM “We don’t run from our problems. We embrace them — and then make them disappear.”

#GROWINGPAINS “Growing this fast is addictive. Every day there is a new challenge and a new learning curve. But growing pains are fun when you’re armed with energy.”

#DETERMINATION “We’ll never stop growing and progressing.”


Three-Year Growth 198% 2015 Revenue $32 million City Lehi Founded 1999 Employees 202 Industry Commercial Concrete Construction  Website PikusConcrete.com Founder Rob Pikus, 39 The Company A commercial and industrial concrete contractor.

#GOALS Pikus Concrete is solid. The 17-year-old company has grown from a small residential company to a nationally recognized commercial and concrete contractor. Past and current projects include an eight-story Embassy Suites Conference Center, the Payson Utah LDS Temple, the UVU Baseball stadium and the Timpanogos Sewer Treatment Plant.

#SQUADGOALS “Since the start of Pikus Concrete in 1999, we have retained almost all of our top management,” Pikus says. “The professionalism, work ethic and dedication they show daily is what it is all about.”

#PROUDMOMENT “The Payson Temple for the LDS Church. It had been a dream of mine since I was a kid to build a temple.”

#ADVICE “Plan ahead and be exact. Put the right people in place and give them the freedom to be creative with finding solutions. Incorporate technology wherever possible. Be solution oriented.”

#ULTIMATEGOAL “To be one of the top five concrete companies in America.”



Three-Year Growth 196%

2015 Revenue $5.4 million City Orem Founded 2005 Employees 62 Industry Technology Website Domega.com Founder Jake Fackrell, 43

The Company A provider of high tech data aggregation tools.

#GOALS With high-tech niche products in high demand (aka they monetize data), Domega has grown so fast it’s had to move nine times in 11 years.

#SQUADGOALS “The team is passionate about helping others succeed, optimistic about the future, and innovative about solving problems,” Fackrell says. “Diligence makes them unstoppable.”

#ADVICE “Avoid too much debt. Grow as much as you can on your own before you take on investors. Don’t just manage, but lead people. Be passionate about helping people, not just about earning money. Be there for your children at their important events.”

#ULTIMATEGOAL “We will become a $100-million company that empowers achievers to create their own abundance in ways that changes families and communities. Our technology will use data to predict all of life’s major purchases.”



Three-Year Growth 183%

2015 Revenue $3.4 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2010 Employees 115 Industry Automotive Website WiggyWash.com Founder Brent Wignall, 36

The Company A full-service car wash and express detail center.

#GOALS Named after Wignall’s childhood nickname, this popular local car wash now has two locations, with a third — the country’s largest open tunnel car wash — opening this fall.

#PROUD “We beat the odds,” Wignall says. “We constructed and opened a special use building in the lowest point of the recession. We worked hard and never looked back.”

#ADVICE “Information is power. Don’t be afraid to fight for success.”

#FUNFACT “With our water reclamation system, the water we draw from the city is less than a cycle of laundry per car.”


Three-Year Growth 150%

2015 Revenue $15.7 million City Provo Founded 2008 Employees 250 Industry Service Website EdgeServicing.com Founder Andrew Richardson, 36

The Company A provider of home services specific to the pest control and lawn care industries.

#GOALS Seven states. 40,000 customers. 250 employees. Inc. 5000. The grass is greener at EDGE.

#SQUADGOALS “Our culture is one of ‘lifting and blessing,’” Richardson says. “We believe as you focus more on helping others reach their goals you inevitably reach your own. It is not in reaching your own goals that true happiness comes; it is in giving to and growing with others that we find the most fulfillment. It is extremely difficult to scale and maintain a culture of ‘lift and bless.’ This will be a challenge, but my goal is to maintain and even enhance our culture as we grow.”

#ADVICE “Automate processes and focus on your people. Focus on your people. Focus on your people.”

#GROWTHGOALS “To reach $50 million in annual revenue over the next 2.5 years.”


Three-Year Growth 108%

2015 Revenue $1.1 million City Pleasant Grove Founded 2004 Employees 17 Industry Pest management Website ThornServices.com Founder Kevin Thorn, 34

The Company A science-based pest control company that protects food, health and property from pest damage.

#GOALS With more than 500 commercial clients — and a stellar 98.2 percent retention rate — Thorn prides itself on innovative solutions and environmentally friendly practices.

#SQUADGOALS “I love that our team embraces change,” Thorn says.

#CULTUREGOALS “Good pest management is important to protect food, businesses, property and health, but often our industry is seen as an unprofessional guy with a truck and a sprayer. A monkey can do that. That is not good pest management. We want everyone to see by the way we dress, speak, inspect and treat that this is an incredibly technical field. We know our stuff, and we take it seriously.”



Three-Year Growth 85%

2015 Revenue $13 million City Orem Founded 2007 Employees 75  Industry Manufacturing Website SimTekFence.com Founder Brad Wilson, 41

The Company A manufacturer and seller of simulated stone fence systems molded from steel-reinforced polyethylene.

#GOALS SimTek Fence has had wall-to-wall success. Thousands of dealers — including Home Depot — carry its product and it’s sold in the United States, Canada and a dozen-plus countries.

#SQUADGOALS “I love that my team likes coming to work despite the challenges. My goal for the team is to make every person who has been part of this company’s success feel financially rewarded,” Wilson says. “Our company culture has been ‘hang on for the ride’ — especially during our busy summer months.”

#FUNFACT SimTek Fence is a spin-off of Mity-Lite tables and was actually invented after a design failure in tables cost the company millions of dollars.

#ULTIMATEGOAL“To become a household name and to be a $100-million plastics molder within the next 10 years.”



Three-Year Growth 79% 2015 Revenue $1.2 million City Orem Founded 2007 Employees 10 Industry Technology Website ProfessionalCable.com Founder Jason Bringhurst, 45

The Company A supplier of fiber optic and networking cables to data centers and IT professionals nationwide.

#GOALS Professional Cable is plugged in. Its networking products are sold to data centers and IT pros nationwide, and its “Xavier” brand of cables and phone chargers are sold across retail stores in the United States and Canada.

#SQUADGOALS “We get excited over wins and work hard to make our customers happy,” Bringhurst says. “They even put up with my daily puns.”

#PROUD “I’m most proud of our charity work. We donate a portion of our proceeds of the Xavier-brand products to Hydrocephalus charities. The Xavier brand is named after my son, Xavier, who has excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.”



Three-Year Growth 74% 2015 Revenue $4.2 million City Orem Founded 2005 Employees 108 Industry Beauty/retail Website AmaraDaySpa.com Founders Tyler Bennett, 36; Leigh Bennett, 36

The Company A-full service day spa, salon and boutique.

#GOALS Can you say #HAIRGOALS?! With set systems in place and a clear career path for employees, Amara has grown beautifully and is now opening up its second location at Traverse Mountain.

#SQUADGOALS “We love our team’s willingness to help each other out in what can be a competitive environment,” Bennett says.

#PROUDMOMENT “Opening up a second location this September. The goal with that is to replicate what we’ve been able to create at corporate. If we can do it twice, whose to say we can’t do it 10 more times?”

#FUNFACT “107 of our 108 employees are female — our monthly internal newsletter is always full of multiple wedding and baby shower announcements.”



Three-Year Growth 68%

2015 Revenue $6.6 million City Lindon Founded 2009 Employees 126 Industry Beauty Website SimplicityLaser.com Founder Erik Adams, 43

The Company A provider of aesthetic services, including laser hair removals, facials and skin treatments, with cutting-edge technology.

#GOALS With a laser-like focus on technology and customer service, Simplicity Laser has grown to 14 locations across the country (with more locations coming later this year).

#SQUADGOALS “We are all really easy-going here, joking around and eating way too much,” Adams says.

#PROUD “Getting named as an Inc. 500 company and then an Inc. 5000 company three years in a row was a huge validation for us. My goal is giving everyone access to the confidence that laser hair removal brings.”

#FUNFACT “All of our male executives have permanently hair-free legs.”

“Get ready for a lot of sleepless nights and gray hair. Worth it.” —Erik Adams // No. 27 Simplicity Laser

NO.28 VETORA (dba EcoSwift)


Three-Year Growth 56% 2015 Revenue $6.5 million City Orem Founded 2005 Employees 36 Industry Shipping supplies Website EcoSwift.com Founders Brigham Budd, 38; Rich Jackson, 44

The Company A provider of lightweight shipping supplies, bubble mailers, poly mailers, boxes, tape and more.

#GOALS We ship Vetora so hard. Since inception, it has been an industry leader in quality packaging and shipping supplies.

#SQUADGOALS “They’re smart, hard-working, dedicated employees with the same mindset and goals,” Budd says.

#ADVICE “Do not be afraid to spend money to market your product. It will hold you back from substantial growth.”

#ULTIMATEGOAL“$100 million in annual revenue.”



Three-Year Growth 44% 2015 Revenue $653.7 million City Provo Founded 1999 Employees 9,300 (5,000 in Utah) Industry Smart home Website Vivint.com Founder Todd Pedersen, 47 The Company A provider of smart home automation and security.

#GOALS Vivint is vibrant. With more than one million customers and more than 7 million smart home devices installed, it is the largest smart home provider in North America.

#SQUADGOALS “Todd Pedersen, the founder and CEO of Vivint, has really shaped our culture to be a work-hard, play-hard environment,” says Todd Santiago, chief revenue officer. “It’s a place where people are driven and constantly look for ways to innovate.”

#ADVICE “Invest in people. We like to hire ahead of our needs and really focus on the employee experience. Work stress and challenges are a lot easier to deal with if you have the right people on the bus who really want to be here.”   

#ULTIMATEGOAL“To continue expanding our market leadership position and become a world-class global brand.”



Three-Year Growth 37% 2015 Revenue $56.7 million City Provo Founded 2001 Employees 122 Industry Training/consulting Website VitalSmarts.com Executives Troy Giles, 48; Emily Hoffman, 40; David Maxfield, 61

The Company A training and consulting company geared toward corporate communication.

#GOALS VitalSmarts is crucial. It’s consulted with more than 300 of the Fortune 500, it ranked on the Inc. 5000 nine times, its books have been New York Times’ bestsellers, and clients include the likes of Allstate,Toyota, and Johnson and Johnson.

#CULTUREGOALS “We hold ourselves accountable to practice open dialogue about any issue — no matter how sensitive,” Maxfield says. “We have a collaborative spirit.”

#ADVICE “Make sure you love your product and get personal motivation and drive from what it can do for people. You’ll need to tap into that in the hard times. And make sure the culture in the organization is a place where people can grow, develop and express themselves.”

#ULTIMATEGOAL “To go from training over 1.6 million people to date to training over a million a year.”

THE FINE PRINT: The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on a percentage growth over the three-year period from 2012-2015. The base year must have a revenue of at least $100,000. Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. Companies in a franchise model are measured by sales from their corporate-owned stores along with royalty revenues from their franchisees. The revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibility for companies that did not apply.


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