UV50, goals

The 2016 UV50 makes us #HASHTAG happy.


And since we #CANTSTOPWONTSTOP, flip the page and flip out over 50 Utah Valley companies #CRUSHINGIT.

What’s more, we’re giving local legend Fraser Bullock our inaugural #LIFETIMEACHIEVEMENTAWARD. Get inspired by this business mogul, maven and mentor.

Now, what are you waiting for? Pound it.

Fastest-Growing Companies 

Life in the fast lane ain’t for the faint of heart. Meet 30 Utah Valley companies with the winning ticket here.

Economic Engines

Like a #boss, these 10 companies are driving our local economy and influencing the world with their strength, smarts and stamina. Read on and meet the makers here.

Startups to Watch

Oh, baby! These 10 youthful companies are at the start of stardom thanks to their grit, game and gumption. Now read on and startup your engines here.

BusinessQ Lifetime Achievement Award

Fraser Bullock earns BusinessQ’s gold medal with decades of success, mentoring and an Olympic-sized reputation. Discover his story here.


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