60 LDS-inspired baby name ideas for expecting parents

(Photo courtesy LDS.org Media Library.)

(Photo courtesy LDS.org Media Library)

If you’re naming a baby in 2016, you might not think a group of (mostly) elderly men and women can offer much by way of modern name inspiration — but you’d be surprised. From current Church leaders to prominent figures in Church history to canonized scriptures, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offers plenty of name inspiration. Here’s a list of baby names perfect for 2016 parents-to-be inspired by prominent LDS people.

21st-century Church leaders

Boys names inspired by apostles (Popularity rank in the U.S., 2015)

  1. James (7) (James E. Faust)
  2. David (18) (David A. Bednar, David Todd Christofferson, David B. Haight)
  3. Joseph (21) (Joseph B. Wirthlin)
  4. Henry (29) (Henry B. Eyring)
  5. Thomas (51) (Thomas S. Monson, L. Tom Perry)
  6. Evan (67) (Neil Evan Andersen)
  7. Maxwell (113) (Neal A. Maxwell)
  8. Richard (155) (Richard G. Scott)
  9. Dean (204) (Robert Dean Hales)
  10. Gunnar (238, Gunner) (Dale Gunnar Renlund)

Girls — General auxiliary presidents

  1. Lucy (55) (Lucy Grant Cannon)
  2. Mary (124) (Mary Ellen Wood Smoot)
  3. Margaret (154) (Margaret Dyreng Nadauld)
  4. Rosemary (Rose, 166) (Rosemary M. Wixom)
  5. Eliza (175) (Eliza Roxcy Snow)
  6. Ruth (293) (Ruth May Fox) (Ruth Hardy Funk)
  7. Adele (Adele Cannon Howells)
  8. Roxcy (Eliza Roxcy Snow)
  9. Emmeline (Emmeline Woodward B. Wells)
  10. Belle (Belle Smith Spafford)

Other Church figures 

Girls — wives and mothers of 21st-century apostles (Popularity rank in the U.S., 2015)

  1. Emma (1) (Emma Jensen, mother of Boyd K. Packer; Emma Ash, mother of Neal A. Maxwell)
  2. Nora (41) (Elsie Nora Sonne, mother of L. Tom Perry)
  3. Stella (51) (Stella Harris, mother of Dallin H. Oaks)
  4. Melanie (80) (Melanie Twitchell, wife of Ronald A. Rasband)
  5. Ruby (83) (Ruby M. Olson, wife of David B. Haight)
  6. Katherine (84) (Katherine Jacob, wife of D. Todd Christofferson; Kathy Sue Williams, wife of Neil L. Andersen; Kathryn Andersen, mother of Neil L. Andersen)
  7. Alice (87) (Alice Holland, mother of Jeffrey R. Holland)
  8. Madeline (90) (Madeline Bitner, mother of Joseph B. Wirthlin)
  9. Clara (98) (Clara Tuttle, mother of David B. Haight)
  10. Mary (124) (Mary Crandall, wife of Robert D. Hales; Mary Gaddie, wife of Quentin L. Cook

Boys — Men mentioned in scripture

  1. Noah (1)
  2. Jacob (4)
  3. James (7)
  4. Michael (9)
  5. Benjamin (10)
  6. Elijah (11)
  7. Daniel (12)
  8. Matthew (15)
  9. David (18)
  10. Joseph (21)

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From LDS history (2015 rankings not included)

Girls — Notable figures in Church history

  1. Mary (Mary Fielding Smith)
  2. Elizabeth (Elizabeth McCune)
  3. Susa (Susa Young Gates)
  4. Jane (Jane Elizabeth Manning James)
  5. Julia (Julia Murdock Smith)
  6. Emma (Emma Smith)
  7. Lucy (Lucy Mack Smith)
  8. Whitney (Newel K. and Elizabeth Ann Whitney)
  9. Eliza (Eliza R. Snow)
  10. Miriam (Miriam Angeline Works Young)

Boys — Notable figures in Church history

  1. Kimball (Heber C. Kimball)
  2. Ezra (Ezra T. Benson)
  3. Oliver (Oliver Cowdery)
  4. Grant (Heber J. Grant)
  5. Hyrum (Hyrum Smith)
  6. Alvin (Alvin Smith)
  7. Talmage (James E. Talmage)
  8. George (George A. Smith)
  9. Brigham (Brigham Young)
  10. David (David Whitmer)

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