6 Nightmare on 13th rooms that guarantee sleepless nights in your future

Nightmare on 13th, a haunted house in Salt Lake, has a variety of frightening characters including this mutant posse. (Photo courtesy Nightmare on 13th)

Nightmare on 13th, a haunted house in Salt Lake, has a variety of frightening characters including this mutant posse. (Photo courtesy Nightmare on 13th)

Nightmare on 13th has haunted Utahns since 1990 and continues to induce nightmares this year with new frights.

“This year we have brought fear to the next level. All of your biggest nightmares are in one place and we can’t wait to hear the screams,” said Mike Henrie, owner of Nightmare on 13th on its blog.

Not only will you run across your favorite haunting characters — Texas chainsaw, Freddy Kreuger and, of course, clowns — but you’ll also encounter phantasms, project images of ghosts and other frightening characters. Here are six rooms where you’ll run into some of the Nightmare on 13th’s most frightening Halloween characters.

1. A bloody ordeal

The very sheets you used to cover your head when you were scared as a child now serve as your worst nightmare in one room at Nightmare on 13th. Hanging from the ceiling, bloody sheets block your view, but there is nothing secure of safe about these sheets.

2. The chopping block

Predator becomes prey, that’s you, at the butcher shop. With meat that has the same texture as real meat hanging from the ceiling and grazing your face, carnivores may even turn vegetarian after stepping though this mini market.

3. Fire-mares

While you might feel like you need a breath of fresh air after a minute in Nightmare on 13th, the only breath you’ll get is the breath of a dragon. Let’s just say even a grown man will want a knight in shining armor to save him from this medieval room.

4. Full force of gravity

Keep your hands and feet inside the room — but we can’t guarantee that you’ll make it safely across the floor. You’ll feel the full force of gravity as the floor drops beneath you.

5. Ouija outta here

There’s a message waiting for you at the Ouija board. Let the spirits guide you through this room (in case you have to close your eyes), but not to the Ouija board.

6. Jason who?

That infamous hockey mask from “Friday the 13th” multiples to fill a room with hockey masks hanging from the ceiling. You may or may not cross paths with Jason Vorhees; we won’t tell you for sure.

Nightmare on 13th, 320 West 1300 South in Salt Lake, is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 7:30 p.m. to midnight through Nov. 5. Tickets to the haunted house cost $25 or $40 if you buy the VIP pass that allows you to skip the lines. Buy tickets here.


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