Voters’ Guide: 10 important elections on the ballot besides president

(Photo by Martin Falbisoner, via Wikimedia Commons.)

(Photo by Martin Falbisoner, via Wikimedia Commons.)

Believe it or not, the election season has almost reached its end. Nine months after the presidential primaries were held in February of this year, the American people will visit the polls and decide the outcome of the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton election once and for all.

But if the only election you’ve thought about is the presidential one, 10 other important races might take you by surprise in the voting booth. Here are 10 important elections on the Utah County ballot you should know about (that have nothing to do with the White House).

To learn more about each of these candidates, read Utah’s Official Voter Information Pamphlet here.

U.S. Senate

Candidates: Misty K Snow, Democratic — Bill Barron, Unaffiliated — Stoney Fonua, Independent American — Mike Lee, Republican (Incumbent)

U. S. House 3

Candidates: Stephen P. Tryon, Democratic — Jason Chaffetz, Republican (Incumbent)


Candidates: Gary R. Herbert, Republican (Incumbent) — Brian E Kamerath, Libertarian — Mike Weinholtz, Democratic — Superdell Schanze, Independent American

Attorney General

Candidates: Michael W. Isbell, Independent American — Jon V. Harper, Democratic — Sean D. Reyes, Republican (Incumbent) — W. Andrew McCullough, Libertarian

State Auditor

Candidates: John Dougall, Republican (Incumbent) — Jared Green, Independent American — Mike Mitchell, Democratic

State Treasurer

Candidates: Richard Proctor, Constitution — Neil A. Hansen, Democratic — David Damschen, Republican (Incumbent) 

State Senate 7

Candidates: Deidre Henderson, Republican (Incumbent) — Andrew Apsley, Democratic

State House 59

Candidates: Val L. Peterson, Republican (Incumbent) — Rachel Nelson, Democratic

County Commission C

Candidates: Nathan Ivie, Republican — Jeanne Bowen, Democratic

State School Board 12 (Multi County)

Candidates: Alisa Ellis, Unaffiliated — Dixie Lee Allen, Unaffiliated (Incumbent)

Learn more about what will be on your ballot and where to vote for your precinct at


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