Watch our video taking the girls back to the NICU. You won’t believe what Dr. Minton had in his office!!

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Utah County’s Gardner quadruplets were reunited with Dr. Stephen Minton, the doctor who delivered them at Utah Valley Hospital, on Wednesday.

Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangeline — who will turn 2 years old on Dec. 28 — have been the stars of TLC’s “Rattled” and a sign of hope for couples dealing with infertility.

On Wednesday, the Gardners decided to return to Utah Valley Hospital and donate used items to the NICU where the girls were born. After dropping off the old carseats and bouncers, the family took time to see Dr. Minton.

“I talked to you through your mommy’s belly. Do you remember that?” Dr. Minton asked the girls in the video.

Parents Ashley and Tyson Gardner said in the video that it had been about a year since the girls had seen Dr. Minton. As the family visited with Dr. Minton in his office, they showed pictures of the girls on Dr. Minton’s desk, including a picture of the family with Dr. Minton at the girls’ LDS baby blessings.

Watch the Gardner Quad Squad reunite with Dr. Minton in the video below. And read the January cover story of the Gardners here.

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