Utah is a great place to get an education, build a career and raise a family. Maybe that’s why so many people choose to move to — and stay in — Utah County.

But Utah is also a unique place with its own distinct traditions and culture. Here’s a list of changes to prepare for if you move out of the Beehive State.

1. No Y Mountain to help you get your bearings.mountains

It’s never been more difficult to “just turn north.”

2. Most cities are not on a grid.woodyconfused

The road you’re heading west on may suddenly turn to the south. Outside Utah, this is relatively normal.

3. Say goodbye to your favorite Utah restaurants.eating

So long, JDawgs.

4. And the fry sauce they serve.ketchup

You’ll make your peace with ketchup. Eventually.

5. You’ll probably drive farther to church.driving

6. And to the temple.longdrive

7. General Conference may not begin at 10 a.m. anymore.


8. And you probably won’t be able to watch it on local TV.


9. But you’ll have less competition for a table after the priesthood and women’s sessions.restaurant

10. You might be the only BYU fan in town.byufan

But, hey, it will be easier to get tickets to nearby games.

11. You probably won’t be able to shop at a case lot sale.


Outside Utah, people aren’t quite as excited about food storage.

12. And you may need to buy food in smaller quantities at the grocery store.


In some areas, 50-pound bags of flour can be hard to come by.

13. The air might feel cleaner without the inversion.soundofmusic

Which isn’t so bad.

14. Most public transit will feel old and dirty compared to UTA’s brand new Frontrunner.saygoodbye

But at least the public transportation will actually run on Sundays.

15. People will think your family of five is huge.bigfamily

But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. So grateful for our good state. May we do all we can to keep it so good and wonderful for all who move here and/or wish to visit with honor.

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