2016 Utah County election results: Trump voted president, Alpine School Bond passes

Provo residents vote at Spring Creek Elementary school in Provo on Nov. 8, 2016. (Photo by UV360)

Provo residents vote at Spring Creek Elementary school in Provo on Nov. 8, 2016. (Photo by UV360)

Utah was a red state, then maybe a swing state, then quickly again a red state. Not long after polls closed in the state on Tuesday night, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the state’s six electoral votes.

Though the presidential election was on everyone’s mind, Utah — and Utah County — had plenty of other races on the ballot. There were tax propositions, bonds, constitutional amendments, school board, state and federal races.

Voters in the Alpine School District once again approved bonds to reconstruct and build new schools. The $387 million bond will finance reconstruction of four older schools, and build a new high school, two middle schools and six elementary schools. Alpine district voters previously approved bonds in 2001, 2006 and 2011.

Now that the bond is approved, Alpine Superintendent Sam Jarman says the district is ready to get to work. “We are anxious to begin breaking ground on a new high school in Eagle Mountain along with other projects that are desperately needed.”

In a joint statement, the Alpine School Board thanked voters. “We are grateful for the trust and support shown by so many citizens with this bond election. This speaks to the value we place on education which is one of our greatest rights and privileges to ensure our children’s future. Our stewardship of this bond will continue to be held in the greatest of care and focused on the need to provide a safe and quality education for all students across the district.”

Read on for Utah County specific results of the 2016 election.

Federal Offices

President/Vice President

Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence, Republican = 46.8 percent
Hillary Rodham Clinton/Timothy Michael Kaine, Democrat = 27.81 percent
Evan McMullin/Nathan Johnson, Unaffiliated = 20.41 percent
Gary Johnson/Bill Weld, Libertarian = 3.21 percent
Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka, Unaffiliated = 0.68 percent
Darrell L. Castle/Scott N. Bradley, Constitution = 0.66 percent
Rocky Giordiani/Farley Anderson, Independent American = 0.25 percent
“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente/Michael Steinberg, Unaffiliated = 0.05 percent
Monica Moorehead/Lamont Lilly, Unaffiliated = 0.05 percent
Alyson Kennedy/Osborne Hart, Unaffiliated = 0.05 percent

U.S. Senate

Mike Lee, Republican = 68.12 percent
Misty K. Snow, Democrat = 27.30 percent
Stoney Fonua, Independent American = 2.32 percent
Bill Barron, Unaffiliated = 2.26 percent

U.S. Congressional District 4

Mia B. Love, Republican = 52.65 percent
Doug Owens, Democratic = 42.61 percent
Collin R. Simonsen, Constitution = 4.73 percent

U.S. Congressional District 3

Jason Chaffetz, Republican = 74.1 percent
Stephen P. Tryon, Democratic = 25.9 percent

Governor/Lt. Gov.

Gary R. Herbert/Spencer J. Cox, Republican = 66.98 percent
Mike Weinholtz/Kim Bowman, Democratic = 28.56 percent
Brian E Kamerath/Barry Evan Short, Libertarian = 2.92 percent
Superdell Schanze/Gregory C. Duerden, Independent American = 1.54 percent


John Dougall, Republican = 63.09 percent
Mike Mitchell, Democratic = 31.02 percent
Jared Green, Independent American = 5.89 percent

Attorney General

Sean D. Reyes, Republican = 65.54 percent
Jon V. Harper, Democratic = 25.51 percent
W. Andrew McCullough, Libertarian = 6.34 percent
Michael W. Isbell, Independent American = 2.61 percent


David Damschen, Republican = 60.92 percent
Neil A. Hansen, Democratic = 32.25 percent
Richard Proctor, Constitution = 6.83 percent

Senate 7

Deidre Henderson, Republican = 83.95 percent
Andrew Apsley, Democratic = 16.05 percent

Senate 14

Dan Hemmert, Republican = 86.24 percent
Curt Crosby, Independent American = 9.42 percent
Joe Buchman, Libertarian = 4.34 percent

Senate 13

Jake Anderegg, Republican = 100 percent

Senate 16

Curt Bramble, Republican = 80.82 percent
Jason Christensen, Independent American = 19.18 percent

Senate 24

Ralph Okerlund, Republican = 100 percent

Senate 27

David P. Hinkins, Republican = 70.48 percent
Heidi Redd, Democratic = 29.52 percent

House 2

Jefferson Moss, Republican = 100 percent

House 6

Cory Maloy, Republican = 78.43 percent
Donna Gibbons, Democratic = 16.31 percent
Aaron A. Davis, Libertarian = 5.26 percent

House 27

Mike Kennedy, Republican = 100 percent

House 48

Keven J. Stratton, Republican = 100 percent

House 56

Kay J. Christofferson, Republican = 100 percent

House 57

Brian M. Greene, Republican = 100 percent

House 59

Val L. Peterson, Republican = 79.59 percent
Rachel Nelson, Democratic = 20.41 percent

House 60

Bradley M. Daw, Republican = 76.57 percent
Brooke Swallow-Fenton, Democratic = 19.59 percent
Tommy Williams, Independent American = 3.83 percent

House 61

Keith Grover, Republican = 100 percent

House 63

Dean Sanpei, Republican = 78.8 percent
Nathan Smith Jones, Democratic = 21.2 percent

House 64

Norm Thurston, Republican = 100 percent

House 65

Francis D. Gibson, Republican = 100 percent

House 66

Mike McKell, Republican = 100 percent

House 67

Marc Roberts, Republican = 100 percent

House 68

Merrill Nelson, Republican = 71.06 percent
Cindee Beard, Democratic = 18.59 percent
Kirk Pearson, Constitution = 10.35 percent

State School Board

District 11

Lisa D. Cummins = 52.99 percent
Erin Preston = 47.01 percent

District 12

Alisa Ellis = 52.44 percent
Dixie Lee Allen = 47.56 percent

District 13

Scott B. Neilson = 53.5 percent
Stan Lockhart = 46.5 percent

Alpine School District Proposition #1

For = 68.48 percent
Against = 31.52 percent

Cedar Hills Ballot Proposition

The city asked voters to impose a .1 percent sales and use tax to fund botanical, cultural, and recreational organizations or facilities in the city.
Against = 51.2 percent
For  = 48.8 percent

Lehi Bond

Lehi asked voters to approve a $50 million bond to pay for parks, park improvements and related facilities.
Against = 60.7 percent
For = 39.3 percent

Pleasant Grove Bond

The city asked residents to approve a $9.5 million bond to fund new public safety facilities.
For = 62.84 percent
Against = 38.08

Payson Ballot Proposition

The city asked resident to enact a local sales and use tax of 1/10 of 1 percent to fund recreational amenities and cultural arts facilities and organizations in Payson
City. Funding may be used to support non-profit organizations providing programs.
Funding may be used for capital improvements of publically owned or operated amenities such as parks and trails, museums and a performing arts center.
For = 61.92 percent
Against = 38.08 percent

Utah Constitution amendments


Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to make a technical wording change in the oath of office that elected and appointed officers are required to take?
For = 64 .58 percent 
Against = 35.42 percent


Shall State School Fund provisions of the Utah Constitution be amended to modify the description of what can be distributed from the State School Fund from “interest and dividends” to “earnings”; limit annual distributions from the State School Fund to 4 percent of the Fund; and modify the standard governing how the state is required to invest money in the Fund.
For = 63.41 percent
Against = 36.59 percent


Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to allow a property tax exemption for tangible personal property that is leased by the state or by a county, city, town, school district, or other political subdivision of the state?
Against = 57.41 percent
For = 42.58 percent

Utah County Commission Seat C

R. Nathan Ivie, Republican = 81.52 percent
Jeanne Bowen, Democratic = 18.48 percent

Alpine School District

Board Seat 4

Mark Clement = 56.34 percent
Rachel Thacker = 43.66 percent

Board Seat 6

S. Scott Carlson = 59.98 percent
Miriam Ellis = 40.02 percent

Board Seat 7

Sara Hacken = 64.77 percent
Joe Rivest =35.23

Nebo School District

Board Seat 1

Lisa Rowley = 75.27 percent
Eric Hazelet = 24.73 percent

Board Seat 3

Randy Boothe = 60.09 percent
Shauna Warnick = 39.91 percent

Board Seat 6

R. Dean Rowley = 100 percent

Board Seat 7

Christine Riley = 100 percent

Provo School District

Board Seat 5

Julie Rash = 100 percent

Board Seat 6

Rebecca Nielsen = 100 percent

Board Seat 7

Jim Pettersson = 100 percent

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