19 reasons we are grateful to live in Utah Valley

Mount Timpanogos is 11,752 feet.

Mount Timpanogos is 11,752 feet, and one of the hikes you can enjoy from Sundance. 

We’re thankful for Utah Valley.

Some of our staff has lived in Utah Valley their entire lives while others are transplants from other states. Either way, Bennett Communications (the creators of Utah Valley Magazine, Utah Valley BusinessQ, Utah Valley Bride and UtahValley360.com) feels blessed to have the opportunity to write about so many great people, businesses and more that makes Utah Valley so lovable. While the list could go on and on, here is the short list of why our staff loves our corner of the world.

  1. Four distinct seasons with beautiful scenery that goes along with each one.
  2. How everyone is generally friendly, even strangers.
  3. A service-minded community that is willing to help others at a moment’s notice.
  4. Beautiful 360-degree views.
  5. How businesses have good work-life balance for their employees.
  6. A government that genuinely cares for the community they serve.
  7. Emergency respondents: police officers, firefighters and EMTs.
  8. Brigham Young University is in our backyard.
  9. Utah Valley University for expanding learning opportunities for the community.
  10. A community that supports the arts. (The new Roots of Knowledge glass display at UVU’s library is breathtaking.)
  11. The focus on family. Plus, most people have family nearby.
  12. Amazing local artists and photographers.
  13. Quality home builders; thus, quality homes.
  14. Food trucks. (One editor was specifically grateful for Waffle Love.)
  15. A large variety of food, including artisan and hole-in-the-wall places.
  16. The focus on continuing education: Braid Workshop, classes at the libraries and more.
  17. A growing, vibrant community.
  18. An endless stream of ideas, especially in businesses. The next Silicon Valley, check!
  19. Multiple hikes that you don’t have to drive far for.

Why are you grateful to live in Utah Valley? Add your reasons in the comments.


Rebecca Lane

While her first language is sarcasm, Rebecca dabbles in English and Russian to achieve her lifelong dream of being a journalist. A BYU sports fan, reading enthusiast and wannabe world traveler, Rebecca is a Colorado transplant that is convinced Colorado's mountains are much larger than the many Utah County peaks. Rebecca manages UtahValley360.com for Bennett Communications. Follow her on Twitter @rebeccalane.

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