Utah-Tube: Rudolph takes the lead in a cappella ‘Hamilton’ parody


The reindeer that went down in history joins the president who went down in history with an a cappella parody of “Hamilton.”

Eclipse 6, a six-member a cappella group that met at Utah State University, turns the 11 Tony Award winning “Hamilton” into a Christmas Carol. The arrangement is a parody of two “Hamilton” songs: “Alexander Hamilton” and “Right Hand Man.”

The parody showcases five of Santa’s reindeer, including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Santa Claus. The lyrics, which were written by Eclipse 6 member Shayne Taylor and Heather Taylor, pay homage to the original song and characters with lines such as these:

Rudolph: “Brrr. Your Excellency, you wanted to see me?”
Santa: “Rudolph, come in—did you say ‘brrr’?”
Rudolph: “Yes, sir, ‘cause it’s freezing.”

The music video was filmed at Utah’s Pickleville Playhouse.

Let’s add this video to parodies that will go down in history.

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