Happy New Goals: Your company needs resolutions, too

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2016 … am I right?

If your company is feeling that end-of-year lag, then look ahead to 2017. It’s the wondrous future! And it’s bursting with fresh ideas and beautiful promise.

Kory Kogan, a global productivity practice leader at FranklinCovey and the co-author of the No. 1 WSJ bestseller “The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary,” shared with BusinessQ these 7 tips on goal making and goal keeping. Resolve to take note! And then flip the page to see what six local companies have as their go-to goals for 2017.

P.S. How refreshing will it be to make a list of goals that doesn’t start with, “FOR PETE’S SAKE, LOSE THE WEIGHT ALREADY!”

Kory Kogan, Franklin Covey

Kory Kogan, FranklinCovey

1. Make your goals.

Meet with your manager the first week in January to determine the most important goals for the company and for the department. Enter them into your digital or paper-based planning tool. Review them weekly and monthly throughout the year to determine what tasks you must perform to meet the goals.

2. Set your own individual work goals.

Align your personal work goals with company and department goals. Break them down into specific, measurable tasks. Schedule blocks of time in your schedule, weekly and daily, to accomplish these tasks to reach your goals. The more specific, the higher the probability of accomplishment.

3. Use one integrated, mobile, productivity system.

Whether you use Outlook, Google, an app, or a paper planner, enter and keep your tasks, appointments, notes, and contacts integrated and mobile for instant access to vital information.

4. Learn to say “no” courteously.

When individuals interrupt you with agendas that don’t correlate with your goals and tasks for the day, pause, clarify the situation, and make the highest-value decision on whether it is important to help or to say no. If appropriate, decline the interruption, being proactive rather than reactive to accommodating everyone else’s wants and needs. If it’s your boss who is interrupting, be proactive in engaging him or her in the process of identifying those goals or tasks on which you should work on first.

5. Simplify the way you work.

Identify and put into practice one thing each month that will simplify the way you do your work. What are you doing that is “self-imposed,” that wastes time, and that could be changed into meaningful accomplishment?

6. Create life balance with boundaries.

Work hard at work and also stay focused on fulfilling your important roles at home. The more meaningful your personal life is, the better the work you will do at work.

7. Find a mentor/coach.

Select someone whom you see as a successful mentor or coach to help you accomplish your work goals and improve your professional skills. Accept direct feedback and turn weaknesses to strengths.

Get ideas for company New Year’s resolutions from these six Utah Valley companies here.

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