Ready, set, goal!: 6 companies share their resolutions for 2017


If you need some ideas on New Year’s resolutions for your company, these six companies have a few ideas they are willing to share. Here are six Utah Valley companies that set the goal to the 2017. What will yours be?

sheralyn-bennettBerkshire Hathaway, Orem

Resolution: “To increase referral business and loyalty by 25 percent.”

— Sheralyn Bennett, realtor

Big Leap, Lehi

brian-phelpsResolution: “To increase our internal trainings. We work in a constantly changing industry, and it takes everyone within our company to help us stay on top of the changes. It also gives everyone at Big Leap the opportunity to teach and educate each other.”

— Bryan Phelps, founder


Realtypath, Orem

Resolution: “To share my unique background to motivate others. I’m a hispanic immigrant raised in a German community. I speak four languages. I’m a BYU graduate. And now I’m living the American dream in Utah County.”

— Cecelia Plummer, realtor


EKR, Provo

Resolution: “In 2017, EKR will move right past doubtful hopes of giving up sugar and going to the gym everyday and go straight to a couple of other resolutions that will strengthen us. In terms of growing our business here in Utah Valley and across the state, we’ve established clear goals and a thorough plan for expanding our relationships with Utah’s best companies. Though we do work for incredible organizations like Google, Netflix and Intel, there are a few right here at home that need to be on our client list. And more personally, we’ve recently formed an employee committee to help us identify and drive initiatives that will make EKR an even better place to thrive for our employees. We’ll continue to run with their great ideas to improve our operations and continually attract and retain Utah’s best marketing, design and development talent.”

— Bill Brady, president + CEO


Glitties Nail Art, Cedar Hills

Resolution: “As a business owner, my goal for the coming year is to organize and write down all of the business systems and steps so that my employees can easily and clearly get the work done without me. Fingers crossed!”

— Amanda Best, founder


Goodwin Media, Highland

Resolution: “To make more time for ourselves. Now this may sound selfish, so let me explain. Our team works tirelessly on client projects that are often packed with tight deadlines and late nights. It’s easy to let our work/life balance become lopsided as well as lose sight of our own goals and aspirations. For these reasons, in 2017, we will do a better job of scheduling time into our days and weeks to prioritize our needs. This may be daily mountain bike rides, or carving out time for our personal projects that are always put on the back burner. We know that by investing in ourselves, we’ll in turn be better for our clients, have more motivation for when times get tough, and keep burnout at bay.”

— Stewart Goodwin, founder

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