The Best Not Say That Again: 13 phrases that need to take an early retirement

(Illustration by Aaron Taylor)

(Illustration by Aaron Taylor)

Let’s talk. In the women’s issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, the ladies weigh in on what it’s like to be a woman in business in 2016. Here are 13 ways our culture can still improve for working women.

1. “How do you balance it all?”

“I don’t. I’m just sleep deprived. If things need to be balanced, jump in here and help me!” — Mary Crafts-Homer, Culinary Crafts

2. “Can you plan the party?” 

“Sure, I’m happy to help. But please don’t assume I am the only one who can,” — Cydni
Tetro, 3DPlusMe

3. “Get an education — just in case!” 

“Why not be the breadwinner? Don’t set limits on our girls!” — Amy Osmond Cook, Osmond Marketing

4. “Oh, she’s just a ________ business.”

“In casual conversations, I have noticed people look down on (and hesitate to engage with) businesses that sell more lifestyle-centric goods. If you have a business model creating revenue, you should have a place at the table. I would love to see female-founded companies taken more seriously. ” — Allison Lew, Provo City

5. “Mompreneur.” 

“What does that even mean? A multi-tasking mom who also works? If someone refers to themselves as a ‘mompreneur,’ the father of her children should be ‘dadpreneur.’ I am not a ‘momprenuer.’ I am a successful business owner, and I’m the mother of three amazing boys who know I love them dearly even though I’m a horrible cook.” — Chari Pack, Persnickety Prints

6. “Are you taking notes?” 

“Make sure everyone is asked at some point.” — Cydni Tetro, 3DPlusMe

“When someone finds out I have a successful business, they exclaim, ‘Good for you!’ like it’s completely abnormal.” — Kim Flynn, Entrepreneur Simplified

7. “Nice car! What does your husband do?”

“When I pull up in my Mercedes, people ask me what my husband does for a living. Excuse me? My husband? Silly them.” — Mary Crafts-Homer, Culinary Crafts

8. “I have a daughter, so …” 

“Please stop telling us that you’re inspired to include women because you have a daughter.” — Cydni Tetro, 3DPlusMe

9. “Don’t be so bossy.” 

“A self-proclaimed feminist man didn’t like me because he thought I was too bossy. He apparently wanted to champion the rights of more mild-mannered women. Sigh.” — Kim Flynn, Entrepreneur Simplified

10. “When will he be back?” 

“When people visit our office, they often assume I am the receptionist. Sometimes people even get frustrated when I don’t know the details of my co-workers’ schedules. What a world it would be if people stopped assuming that a woman in an office setting is automatically there because she plays a support role.” — Allison Lew, Provo City

11. “Good for you!” 

“When someone finds out I have a successful business, they exclaim it like it’s completely abnormal.” — Kim Flynn, Entrepreneur Simplified

12. “Do you work with your husband?” 

“I get this all the time. My husband, Jeff, replies, ‘Yep! She’s my boss.’ Love that guy.” — Amy Osmond Cook, Osmond Marketing

13. “You should …” 

“What I want most for women is to have the freedom to choose their life path, free of judgment. The advances for women in the last decades were not meant to force women out of the home and away from their families. Instead, those advances were intended to give women the opportunity to pursue their heart’s desires, regardless of whether those pursuits lie inside or outside the home. Women in particular are guilty of judging the life choices of other women. Not everyone is going to choose to live their life as you do — and that’s OK.” — Kimberly Page, Keystone Aviation

This is the one story in a series, “The good + the let’s be better + the best not say that again,” in the women’s issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ. 

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