Best of UV 2017: Dentists and Doctors


Two, four, six, eight, who do you appreciate?

We know you know the hot issues — which doctors know dem bones, whose food makes your tastebuds dance, which hair salon you would dye to go to. So what’s with all the secrets? Let’s not tip-toe around the important issues. Starting in January, share your secrets with us by voting for the Best of Utah Valley 2017. The tally ends February 28.

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109 Responses to "Best of UV 2017: Dentists and Doctors"

  1. Lindsay Juggert says:

    Best dentist EVER!! I have been seeing them for 13 years!!!
    And now my whole family goes to them. They have 3 doctors & I recommend ALL of them!!

    • Margaret says:

      Dr. Chad Ellis is a really great dentist, he makes you feel good about coming to see him. He has a great staff that makes you feel at home with friends.Dr. Ellis does really good work and your teeth look amazing when he is finished

  2. Dinesh Narayan says:

    I voted

  3. Adama says:

    Dr. Trapnell and staff make you feel right at home with their kindness and genuine personalities.

  4. Camille says:

    Dr Crofts is meticulous in his work and such a kind, caring man.

  5. Marianne Cook says:

    Dr Crofts is the most caring, professional and educated surgeon I’ve ever dealt with.

  6. Dina Robbins says:

    Dr. Michael D. Marion is very exact in the details with information, surgery and recovery.
    His staff helps through the procedure of the visit.
    They follow through with the update of patient care.
    Thank you Dr. Marion and staff

    • Ruby Brinkerhoff says:

      Dr. Michael D Marion he and his staff are very professional and treated me very very well they have answered all of my questions in a timely matter and treated me just like I was part of their family I would never go anywhere else for what I am seeing him for they are amazing I recommend anybody to go see Dr Marion if they have questions Google him and look him up. He is located in Utah Valley I guarantee you will not be disappointed he gets my vote #1 in his practice. I saw for other doctors he was my 5th and my mind was made as soon as I met him

  7. Robert Baisley says:

    I vote Dr. Brian Graf of Graf Orthodontics. Dr. Graf saved my life, rebuilt my confidence, and gave hope to my social circles. In debt and gratitude to this great of Utah Valley! Also a big THANK YOU to Dr. Ryan Edmunds of Edmunds Periodontics for recommending him, and also saving my gums! And again another big THANK YOU to Dr. Dennis Blume of Smile Center for removing cavities and placing a crown!

  8. Katrina Waite says:

    Dr. Jenkins is a wonderful and caring Doctor. Patient care is a priority he doesn’t take lightly.

  9. Suzan Smith says:

    Dr Crofts is amazing! He did what no one else would for me to fix my ear

  10. JoAnn Adams says:

    Dr.Street has done more for my back than any other doctor. I have struggled with back pain for over 14 years and now I have relief and I recommend Dr. Street to anyone that I know or who I hear has problems from any injury to see her.

  11. Brady Silva says:

    Dr. Crafts is awesome, he is very welcoming and transparent I recommend him.

  12. Brady Silva says:

    Dr. Crofts is awesome, he is very welcoming and transparent. I recommend him.

  13. Sheron Fitch says:

    Every experience with Dr. Jensen (in his office and in surgery) has been outstanding. I totally trust him and his amazing skills as a surgeon. He is very caring and at the same time very professional. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful surgeon and his staff!

  14. Linda says:

    Dr Mark Jensen–simply the best work done by an outstanding surgeon. I have loved what he has done for me!bb

  15. Amy says:

    Dr. Mark Jensen is the best surgeon around. I have felt so comfortable in his office and with him
    and his staff

  16. Maxine Zylstra says:

    Dr. Mark Jensen is the best!

  17. Jil says:

    Love Dr. Mark Jensen. He’s the best of the best.

  18. Lori says:

    Dr. Jensen is a true artist and helps a woman feel whole again.

  19. Julia says:

    Total Care Dental is the only dentist my family will go to. Dr. Jorgensen is top-notch in her field and her staff are always friendly and helpful.

  20. Allison says:

    Atwood Family dentistry is great!

  21. James says:

    Dr Strong is an awesome dentist and has surrounded himself with an awesome staff. You’ll be impressed with his personal touch.

  22. DavidC says:

    Baker Chiropractic!! Awesome 😉

  23. Ana says:

    Dr. Crofts is the best! He is kind and compassionate and really cares about his patients.

  24. Dr. Crofts was amazing. I am so happy with my results. His staff was very friendly and welcoming every visit. Loved my experience there.

  25. Jane says:

    Dr King is the best chiropractor I have been to in Utah county

  26. Lindsey says:

    Salem smiles is awesome!!!

  27. Lindsey says:

    Salem Smiles rocks!!!

  28. Chelsey says:

    King Chiropractic is the best!

  29. Julene says:

    Total Care Dental is the best dental office ever!!!

  30. M says:

    Voted. Dr. Crofts you’re amazing 🙂

  31. Mel says:

    Very meticulous and a kind person with a great sense of humor. Love you Dr. Crofts!

  32. Sonya Parke says:

    Best Ever

  33. Aaron Gaitan says:

    Dr Hadfield is a great dentist. Really cool guy very good at what he does. I have been seeming him since I moved to Utah since 2009 and I wouldn’t change for any reason!

  34. Shane says:

    Hadfield dental is the best hands down! So willing to accommodate and work with patients!

  35. Timberlee Smith says:

    Dr. Babcock is so friendly and genuinely cares about each patient. Best dentist we’ve ever had.

  36. Norma Petot says:

    Definitely Dr. Hadfield Bert Dentist

  37. Robert says:

    Dr Hadfield and his staff are amazing have helped me with a complete smile transformation. They work around my schedule and are always willing to help in any way I need. World class service

  38. Vicky says:

    Dr Hadfield is simply amazing

  39. Moses says:

    DR CROFTS. His bedside manner and attention to detail blows it out of the park.

  40. Bobby says:

    Dr Crofts is the best !!

  41. Addie says:

    Dr. Crofts is one of the most thoughtful guys I know plus an amazing plastic surgeon!

  42. Kc says:

    Grateful to Dr Crofts. Not only is he a great plastic surgeon but his humanitarian work in Africa has been dramatically changing lives. Nana Kim. God bless

  43. Stuart Eastman says:

    Dr. Myers, best skin care. His diagnosis is always correct. He takes preventive action early and does not over charge.

  44. LB says:

    David Myers, MD is a talented, kind, and skilled dermatologist. After receiving a misdiagnosis from two previous doctors, I was uncomfortable and discouraged after months of ineffective treatments. I then turned to Dr. David Myers. Dr Myers quickly identified the real cause of my skin issue. He confirmed his suspicion with appropriate medical tests. It was a great relief when the treatment he prescribed offered fast results and relief from pain. I am also very grateful for his great bedside manner which was reassuring as well as informative.

    • Connie says:

      Dr. Meyers is fabulous. He is caring and precise. He always makes it a pleasant experience to go to the Dr. for those of us who don’t go unless we have to. Love this Dr. and would highly recommend him.

  45. Paulette says:

    Dr. Crofts is an outstanding plastic surgeon!

  46. Tom says:

    Dr Croft is awesome very pleased with my. Surgery

  47. Ayisha says:

    Dr. Crofts is the best plastic surgeon in Utah Valley. He is knowledgeable, caring and always puts people first as his priority. Served many countless hours, years of service to those who really needed his help. And he continues to do what his loves to do. I highly recommend everyone to Dr. Crofts. Because his gets the job done to your satisfaction guaranteed !

  48. Kara H says:

    Dr. Crofts is a master of his craft. His knowledge and expertise are rivaled only by his compassion for his patients.

  49. Canyon says:

    Dr. Adam Anderson is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I was miserable with pain before seeing him and in a short time he had me back feeling great again.

  50. Adam Willson says:

    Dr Adam Anderson is an Amazing rehab specialists.

  51. Debbie says:

    Adam Anderson is the best chiropractor ever. I went to a few others before, one hurt me worse than I was, and Dr Anderson fixed me up. He has kept me walking and working for eight years. He’s gentle and sincerely cares about his patients. I will never, ever go elsewhere. I refer all of my customers, friends and family to him and everyone says the same as I do.

    • Paul Harris says:

      Dr. Adam Anderson is the best chiropractor I have been to!! He genuinely cares about his patients and their well being. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson!!!

  52. Oak says:

    Megan of Trail Talk is awesome!!!

  53. Heather says:

    Dr. Hadfield is the best dentist EVER!!!! I absolutely dread going to the dentist but Dr. Hadfield and his staff make going to the dentist a much more enjoyable experience they are terrific at what they do and making big baby patients like me feel better about going to the dentist. THANK YOU!

  54. Dr. Michael D. Marion, MD and his staff are by far the best!

  55. Michael D. Marion for the win!!

  56. Melissa says:

    Dr Marion and staff are incredible!! They are kind, professional, and all round like family!
    They always make you feel like your important and any concerns you have never make you feel like your a pain!!

  57. Brady Silva says:

    Dr Crofts is genuinely caring with a warm personality that adds to his amazing skills I am constantly referring my friends to his services

  58. Dr. Marion and his staff are incredible! I’ve sent many others their way. They’re friendly, patient, and answered ALL my questions.

  59. Joy says:

    Dr. Michael Marion is beyond amazing, his staff are super nice and knowledgeable. You can tell they were carefully hand picked and interviewed and hired. This makes this place the ‘right’ place to be because of the surgeon – DrMarion, Jen and the rest of the staff.

  60. Missy Segura says:

    We love the great work at Children’s Corner Pediatric Dentistry

  61. LuAnn says:

    Where’s the category for Physical Therapist?!

  62. Christine says:

    Childrens Corner is the BEST pediatric dentistry!! Their office is so fun and they are honest and fair.

  63. I definitely voted for Dr. Crofts. He is meticulous, caring, and professional. His work is always perfection. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Crofts for any procedure your in need of.

  64. Meriam says:

    Aznar Family Chiropractic. Dr, John Aznar really cares about his patients …

  65. Jim says:

    Dr. Myers and his staff are great to work with. I’ve been going to him since he opened his office in Lehi, and everybody is courteous and professional.

  66. Carol says:

    I am greatful every day for the care and help I have received from Dr David Myers and his staff.

  67. Erica says:

    Matthews dental is by far the best!! Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Corbin are the best!!

    • Dr. Pitts is my vote for best dentist!! He goes out of his way to fit you in and does amazing work! My kids actually like going to the dentist! We have been going to him for 15 years!!!

  68. Richard says:

    Dr. Louis Carr is fantastic. I have been going to chiropractors for over 30 years in California and now in Utah. When I moved I asked my chiropractor in California who in Utah practices SOT and my chiropractor gave me a referral to Dr. Carr. He is extremely knowledgable and kind with a great staff.

  69. Liane Anae says:

    Dr Greg Pitts is beyond excellent. Great family dental care, extremely talented and caring staff and most of all he restored my smile!! Extensive work required to do so and he knew exactly what needed to be done. Professional in every way.

  70. Liane Anae says:

    Dr Pitts and his team are very professional and caring. Great family dental. He restored my smile with extensive work that was well planned and comprehensive. Beyond excellent in all that they do.

  71. Gloria Schneider says:

    Thank you

  72. Cindy Beus says:

    Dr. Greg Pitts is an incredible dentist! He stays up-to-date on the latest and greatest regarding all things dental. My kids used to fear the dentist, but since switching to Dr. Pitts 4 years ago, fearing the dentist is a non-issue. Dr. Pitts and his staff treat you like family and we always leave having had a very positive and comfortable experience. Dr Pitts’ office go out of their way to schedule appointment times that work for our schedules. I can’t recommend Dr. Pitts enough!

  73. Deab vanUitert says:

    Dr Jenkins and STAFF are the most caring and professional group I have experienced in all of my advanced years. THANKS!!!

  74. Brittany Gilford says:

    Dr. Gregg Pitts is awesome, best Dental office I have been to by far. His staff are very friendly and professional. I never have to wait longer than 5 minutes when I show up for my appointments. I dont typically enjoy going to the Dentist but Dr. Pitts and his staff make it very easy and as comfortable as possible for me. I love this office!

  75. Hollie says:

    Dr. Ellis is the best!

  76. Angie says:

    Dr. Chad Ellis is one of the best dentists i have ever been to! Hands down he actually takes time to hear my concerns and is the only one i trust to touch my teeth. Plus his office is gorgeous!

  77. Michelle says:

    Dr chad ellis is awesome! I cant tell you how much i love going to thier office, and i hate the dentist, so thats saying alot!

  78. Rachel says:

    Dr. Brian Graf of Graf Orthodontics is the BEST orthodontist!!! He is amazing at what he does and his staff are all so great! I love going to their office and love the treatment I received and now that my daughters are receiving!!

  79. Ian says:

    Riverwoods oral and maxilofacial surgery is the best! They took out my difficult wisdom teeth that “wisdom teeth only” wouldn’t even touch and the best part is that it only took a few days to recover. The other place I went to told me it would take three weeks and they would have to take part of my jaw bone. Dr. Maurice Jenkins did it and saved the bone. Props to everyone over there and the awesome staff.

  80. Julia says:

    Riverwoods Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery’s Dr Maurice Jenkins is the best, most caring Surgeon I have ever known.

  81. Zandra says:

    Dr. Croft was truly amazing Doctor and was so nice and honest. He work is perfection!

  82. Jaela says:

    Alpine Pediatrics is the best. I love all the Physicians that work here.

  83. Jenny says:

    I love and believe in all of who I voted for.

  84. kelly powell says:

    Aspen counseling is a great place to go! I have referred many friends & family members & we’ve all had outstanding care there…. HIGHLY recommend!!

  85. Melanie says:

    Chad Ellis is THE BEST dentist in the valley. Hands down!!!

  86. Jacque says:

    Trail Talk is a unique idea and a gift to those in need. Keep up the great work you do!

  87. Michelle says:

    Dr. Chad Ellis is a superior dentist!! Not only can you trust him entirely for all your dental needs, your visit will be enjoyable, and you’ll look forward to the next appointment. His entire staff is upbeat, warm, friendly, and very professional. His office is easy to find and super classy but never flashy. We have known Dr. Ellis for over 20 years, and I guarantee you will want to send your family and friends to receive such top notch care! They will ALL thank you!

  88. Kim says:

    Dr. Mark Jensen is incredible! He truly cares about his patients and is an artist!

  89. Lindsey says:

    Dr. Ellis is truly an amazing dentist. His entire team are great. His office is beautiful, clean and state of the art!

  90. Janice says:

    If you dread going to your dentist, you are going to the wrong one! Dr. Chad Ellis and his staff will make your appointment a delightful experience. He is an excellent clinition. The atmosphere is so calming and tasteful. Thank you Smile Studio!

  91. Richard Pedersen says:

    Sounds like a lot of good dental practitioners in the valley. My preference would certainly lean toward Dr. Chad Ellis. He is unyielding in keeping “excellence” foremost in his patient treatment care. Excellence is his standard in both his aesthetic and functional care giving with his support staff professionally attentive to all who visit. He could represent the dental care community with trusting and care.

  92. Geneva Johnson says:

    I love Baker Chiropractic. I drive from California just to have Dr. Steve work on me.

  93. Cameron rank says:

    Dr Chris Hammond is the best for a reason. You can tell that he’s a hard worker and really cares about just helping people. The staff is super cool and very helpful as well. I feel like his hygienists know so much too. Mine (kristen) was very knowledgeable!

  94. Melissa Johnson says:

    Matthews Smiles is Amazing! They have made a wonderful difference in my daughters life a d in her smile. Their staff is always professional and helpful and their dentists are great!

  95. Dr matthews is the best in the countery he is a good dentist to go to if you need a new one he and his staff take good care of everbody that comes in his office. Jennifer Johnson

  96. I would love to share my experience with Doctor Meyers. ( dermatology )

    Had my first appointment 6 months ago, and was nervous because I never met him before.
    He came in and looked so young, but was so pleasant and had this great smile on his face!
    He checked my skin cancer body, and took care of all the spots he found. The treatment was a bit painful, but he waited in between to let me get some air. What a sweet and patient doctor he is,

    Have to see him again March first and this 72 lady is looking forward to be checked without any fear. This doctor is simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, what more can I say?????

    A doctor with a nice and sweet personality and such a sense of humor, is simply a winner!!!!!

    Maria Bisanti

  97. Raine Geertsen says:

    Dr. Gregg Pitts is amazing! Always takes care of his patients.

  98. Dennis Anderson says:

    Very helpful staff.

  99. Ruby says:

    Dr. Crofts is, without question, the best of the best! The reconstructive surgeries he has performed on my husband have been nothing short of miraculous. He is the most gifted surgeon we have ever met…and we’ve met our fair share.

  100. Denise Bascom says:

    Dr Marion diagnosed my needs, thoroughly explained the options available.
    His work was exact and professional. I am so pleased with the results. His staff were helpful and friendly.

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