Best of UV 2017: Restaurants


Two, four, six, eight, who do you appreciate?

We know you know the hot issues — which doctors know dem bones, whose food makes your tastebuds dance, which hair salon you would dye to go to. So what’s with all the secrets? Let’s not tip-toe around the important issues. Starting in January, share your secrets with us by voting for the Best of Utah Valley 2017. The tally ends February 28.

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  1. AvatarChad Pritchard Reply

    How can there be entered that are in Fine Dining and in Casual Dining? It’s either one or the other. You can’t be Fine Dining and Casual Dining. I think someone should look a little closer at that.

    1. AvatarPhillip T. Schidder Reply

      Well spoken, sir. I’ve noticed more than one oxymoronic entry in the list.. For example, how can there even be a category for “best sushi”? At the very least, they could have labelled the category “Least Disgusting Sushi”, which would probably satisfy both groups. The two groups I refer to, of course, being the sushi “enthusiasts” and, the people whose taste buds actually work.

  2. AvatarElias Reply

    Chubby’s Cafe in Saratoga Springs is a must! Best burgers and down-home American cuisine in Utah. Period. Try it. You’ll be glad you did.

  3. AvatarJesse Reply

    The cravings companies are so good!! Almost everything they have is made from scratch which you don’t see much of these days. They have great customer service and the cutest shops!!

  4. AvatarTeresa Reply

    Looking for a place to eat delicious Italian food? Terra Mia is the one you are looking for, where flavors, colors, and creativity are well balanced. Thanks Terra Mia for bringing a piece of Italy here in Utah.

  5. AvatarVS Reply

    This is one of those unique places where your only problem is to decide what to order because everything on the menu is GREAT! It doesn’t overwhelm you with choices, you just want to eat everything, Best Italian place in the State!

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