Go Fish!: Of all the fish in the local restaurant sea, Tsunami at Traverse Mountain has the best sushi


Tsunami opened at Traverse Mountain to a packed house of sushi lovers.

By Mary Crafts-Homer

I’m jumpin’ for joy that one of my favorite Salt Lake restaurants has opened a fourth location in Traverse Mountain! I have long been a fan of Tsunami at its original Sugar House location and find it a good place for both lunch and dinner. And sometimes just for an afternoon break, it’s a great place to share a beverage with a friend over a bowl of sea-salt roasted edamame.

The first thing to notice is Tsunami’s new building to the east of Harmon’s at Traverse Ridge. Very chic and contemporary with a touch of Japanese flair. It is a comfortable halfway point between a super casual place and a finer dining restaurant. I felt comfortable in nicer business attire while there were plenty of folks in jeans and tennis shoes. Love that.

The wait staff and sushi chefs were obviously well-seasoned professionals and put me at ease that I was in for the same kind of dining experience as the Salt Lake location. And now for the most important part: the food!

Tsunami opened its fourth location in Lehi.

Tsunami has incredible sushi and is probably now the best sushi place in Utah County. They have dozens of incredibly creative and delicious rolls as well as the traditional standards and sashimi offerings.

Two of my favorites are the signature Tsunami roll with deep-fried soft-shell crab topped with tuna and avocado.  Heaven.

The Tokyo Cowboy is a fabulous unique roll with seared Kobe beef and fried shishito peppers. Oh my goodness!

If you don’t like sushi for some reason (remember that not all sushi has raw fish), there are plenty of other selections to keep you coming back. These guys make the best steamed Gyosa (pork dumplings) in the state. And the Korean boneless beef short ribs with sticky rice and pickled vegetables are out of this world!

There is one downside to this new location of Tsunami. THEY ARE BUSY!

I recommend calling ahead for reservations or be prepared for a wait when you arrive.

This a great addition to the dining scene of Northern Utah County.

You’ll be seeing me here a lot and any gift cards to Tsunami would surely be welcome … I’m just sayin’!

Until next time, remember to fill your life with scrumptious food and love.

Love, Mary


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