LDS Church announces changes to missionary schedules, key indicators


LDS missionaries throughout the world will no longer be on the same schedule the LDS Church announced on Wednesday. ( Media Library)

The 71,000 missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will no longer all be on the same schedule.

At a worldwide broadcast to missionaries and mission presidents on Jan. 25, the LDS Church announced missionaries and mission presidents can now accommodate daily schedules based on the needs of the area, such as safety, cultural needs, health or productivity, according to Mormon Newsroom.

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said the new flexibility will create flexibility for the global church.

“I think one other thing that’s intriguing about this is that this is a worldwide Church and one size doesn’t fit all,” Elder Bednar said. “So to be able to make that adjustment in areas and missions I think is very significant.”

The LDS Church announced new key indicators for missionaries to track and report, which eliminates a few of the old categories listed on the missionary planner form. (Image courtesy LDS Church)

Missionaries also will experience a change in key indicators. Missionaries will now report the following key indicators:

  • New investigators
  • Investigators who attend sacrament meeting
  • Investigators with a baptismal date
  • Investigators baptized and confirmed

This shortens the list of key indicators missionaries will report and eliminates the following key indicators:

  • Lessons taught to investigators with a member present
  • Other lessons taught
  • Progressing investigators
  • Referrals received and contacted
  • Lessons taught to recent converts and less-active members.

Read the full story on Mormon Newsroom.


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