Utah-Tube: Donny Osmond makes young boy’s dream come true


Donny Osmond made an 11-year-old boy’s dreams come true, proving “any dream will do,” in a performance in Brighton, England.

During the “Purple Card” segment of the show — where a few guests are given a purple card to request a song — Osmond read a card from 11-year-old Matthew English. The young man wrote that he had grown up watching Osmond and listening to his music since he was three years old.

“This video was taken during the purple card improv segment of the show last night in Brighton,” Osmond posted on the Facebook video. “It was one of the coolest moments ever when 11-year-old Matthew English joined me on stage to sing ‘Any Dream Will Do.’ He’s been singing it ever since he was about 5 and plays the violin to it as well. He reminds me of my grandson Dylan. This was pretty special.”

English also wrote on his card that he is hearing impaired and was a recipient of assistance from the Hearing Fund UK, an organization Osmond supports.

“I really want to thank you as I am hearing impaired and the hearing fund have helped me,” English wrote.

The Hearing Fund UK was founded by Justin Osmond, the son of Osmond brother, Merrill Osmond. Many Osmonds back the project because of the families history with hearing challenges. The two eldest Osmond brothers, George Virl and Tom, are hearing impaired and didn’t perform with the rest of the family.

After reading the card, Osmond invited English on stage to join him in singing “Any Dream Will Do” from “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Osmond played Joseph in the musical for six years as well as in the 1999 stage-to-film adaptation.

Osmond has received positive responses to his video, including from people who attended the concert.

“I was at Brighton last night and although this video is great, you can’t get the full impact and the emotion involved,” wrote Janice Dickson, an attendee at the performance, on the video comments. “Matthew was so nervous at first he could hardly speak let alone sing, and the way Donny talked to him and built up his confidence was a joy to watch. It was just one of the highlights of a fantastic show, but it was the one that people in the hotel were talking about this morning. Donny Osmond, you are a gentleman and a true star!”

Watch Donny Osmond sing the “Any Dream Will Do” from the 1999 film in the video below.

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