LDS Church is ‘studying’ Boy Scouts’ transgender enrollment announcement


For the second time in the past year, the Boy Scouts of America has made a policy change that has the LDS Church evaluating its relationship with the program. (Photo courtesy LDS Church)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is once again evaluating a change to the Boy Scouts of America.

On Monday, BSA announced it will now allow transgender children to join the program.

The LDS Church, which has strong ties with BSA, released a statement on Tuesday afternoon:

“The Church is studying the announcement made yesterday by Boy Scouts of America. Boy Scouts has assured its religious chartering organizations that, as in the past, they will be able to organize their troops in a way fully consistent with their religious beliefs. In recent years the Church has made several changes to its programs for youth, and continues to look for ways to better serve its families and young people worldwide.”

This is the second time in the past year the LDS Church has re-evaluated its relationship with BSA. The first evaluation happened in July 2016 after BSA ended a ban on gay leaders. In the end, the BSA promised religious organizations that they could choose leaders according to the moral standing of their individual organizations, so the LDS Church continued its involvement with BSA.

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