Utah-Tube: ‘Meet the Mormons’ bless4 joins One Voice Children’s Choir for bi-lingual ‘I am a Child of God’


One Voice Children’s Choir joined with bless4, a Japanese group of artists from Japan, to sing “I am a Child of God” in both English and Japanese.

The groups recorded the video together in December 2016 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bless4 is the Japanese vocal ensemble featured in the additional “Meet the Mormon” videos at Temple Square; the original six stories were released in a full-length documentary in 2014. In the short videos, bless4 — which is made up of Akashi Kawamitsu, Kanasa Kawamitsu, Akino Kawamitsu and Aiki Kawamitsu — is listed as “The Entertainers.”

These 20-minute documentary shorts are currently shown on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah Monday through Saturday. For a schedule of the films show times, visit lds.org.

One Voice Children’s Choir is a unique group of singers along the Wasatch Front, including Park City and Heber Valley, with singers ranging from ages four to 17. They were on “America’s Got Talent” in 2014.

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