A snapshot into photographer Justin Hackworth’s life


Justin Hackworth, Utah Valley photographer (Photo by Erica Rascon)

Photographer Justin Hackworth is a visual storyteller whose work has appeared in national publications like People, Parade and Glamour. Around town, Justin’s work has been seen at museums and galleries including the Springville Art Museum and BYU. Originally from Idaho, Justin made a name for himself in Utah Valley as the co-founder of The Provo Rooftop Concert Series and as an adjunct professor at UVU. After long days at his Provo photo studio, he goes home to his wife, Amy, and their three children.

Wake up 7:30 a.m.
Breakfast Red peppers and bacon.
Vintage or new? New.
Three items I always carry iPhone, wallet and camera. Favorite book “The Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole.
Book I wish I had written “Great Gatsby.” Or the Harry Potter series because it has made so much money!
If I could make a documentary it would be about The economic situation in Haiti.
Favorite TV show of all time “Arrested Development.”
Favorite food Hamburgers.
Least favorite food Eggs, guacamole and squash.
Favorite vacation spot Puerta Escondido, Mexico.
Favorite city New York.
Best part of my job Meeting great people.
My employees are Super fun and capable. The gasoline that makes JHP run.
Oldest thing in my office Me.
Best office I’ve ever been in Chatbooks.
Life as an entrepreneur is Blood, sweat, toil, tears and fun.
Favorite Utah Valley Company Sodalicious.
Text, email or phone? Phone.
Hours worked in a day At least 10.
Best place for business lunch Black Sheep Cafe.
Favorite kind of meeting The ones with door prizes and I win.
Biggest mistake entrepreneurs make Thinking they can do it all by themselves.
Work motto You must be willing to sing songs with us if you work here.
Favorite local Instagram @velourlive and @Tre4 (Trevor Christensen).
If I could switch lives with anyone for a day it would be Jimmy Kimmel.
Most nervous experience of my life Photographing family portraits for Robert Redford.
Last thought of the day All the work I have to do tomorrow.
Bedtime Midnight.

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