Utah-Tube: BYU Vocal Point ‘is well’ and inspirational in new music video


BYU Vocal Point slowed the music down to share a message that “all is well” — or it least it will be — when you endure trials.

Members of the 9-man a cappella group shared difficult experiences from their own lives leading up to the video’s reveal on Sunday.

“Last year I lost my older brother,” shared tenor Logan Shelton on Facebook. “He was my hero. He served his family and country as a soldier. He was brave and strong. It was a devastating loss for us. The storms of life are unsure, but they will come. There is always someone or something to hold onto. Never give up.”

The group even got BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum to share a message on BYU Vocal Point’s Instagram about going through trials.

The music video was filmed at Southworth Hall in Provo, Utah.

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