2017 Fab 40: Amy Chandler


Age: 37
City: Springville

Casting call As a mother to four children under the age of five, Amy started to tell stories of children’s lives. With My Story Matters, Amy and a team of volunteers have created nearly 900 memory books. The stories are categorized into three series: the angel series for kids who die at a young age, the fighter series for children battling a life-altering condition, and the champion series that partners with charitable organizations such as homeless shelters or organizations that work with refugees.

The show must go on “I have consistently faced health challenges since a young age. There have been weeks and months of my life spent in a hospital or recovering from medical trauma. I had 17 surgeries in a seven-year period alone. Those moments have taught me more about myself and others than anything else.”

Break-a-leg-advice “Don’t let fear stand in the way of going after your dreams. Live a life of no regrets. Don’t wait for ‘after this’ or ‘maybe next year.’ Just go for it. Success comes through failure and taking that first step is the hardest part.”

No place like home “I love our canyons. The canyons in the fall are my all-time favorites. As a family we love hiking all over these beautiful mountains and enjoying the hidden waterfalls and beauties. I love that there is no shortage of amazing canyons in Utah Valley.”

Costume change “I love to travel. I love seeing the beauty of this planet and learning the stories of people everywhere I go.”

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