2017 Fab 40: Ang Black


Age: 53
City: Birdseye

Casting call Some say Ang is a palm reader, but she prefers the term interpreter. “Every person has their own answers, and I have learned ways to help them find those answers.” Ang is well known for having spot-on readings at the Park Silly Market, a summer street market in Park City.

The show must go on “Realizing I was gay in the 1980s, especially in Utah County, was probably the most difficult thing I ever experienced, but it has been a beautiful gift in the lessons and struggles it offered me.”

Finale Ang married Cheryl Dudley in 2015 after being together for nearly three decades.

Behind-the-scenes “I have written four books, 12 screenplays, two television series treatments and several television episodes.”

Encore “Some of the standouts are scoring a record (at the time) amount of points as part of the Springville High team against Timpview, or the time I made a buzzer-beater in the state quarter-finals. Also, the first time I found myself 40 feet below the surface of the ocean in the Caribbean and thought, ‘Oh, this is where I belong!’”

Dress rehearsal “In 1984 when I met my idols, Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart. I couldn’t form a complete sentence. I was so star struck!”

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