2017 Fab 40: Ashley Mitchell


Age: 37
City: Springville

Casting call When Ashley was facing grief after placing her baby for adoption, she sought a community of women to support her. When she couldn’t find one, she started her own, Big Tough Girl™, where she inspires women to fight for a life they can fall for and stay madly in love with. 

Costume change Ashley plays the role of mother to two and birth mother to one. After five years of a closed adoption, Ashley reconnected with her son’s parents. “Having that relationship with him has healed my heart and his.”

No place like home “I have been eating at the Purple Turtle since I was a little girl. There is nothing more comforting to me than their grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings dipped in fry sauce.”

Break-a-leg advice “We tend to shrink for others, downplay what we are going through thinking that it isn’t ‘bad’ enough to get the help we need or to even ask for help. That is just not true. If it is happening to you and affecting you, then it matters. Care enough about yourself to get help.”

Behind-the-scenes “I truly believe that college football is the greatest sport on the planet (#GoCanes). People come to my house on a Saturday to watch me watch the TV. One thing on my bucket list is to have my picture taken at every college football stadium at the country.”

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Utah Valley is Lindsey's home away from her Colorado Springs home. She writes for Utah Valley Magazine, UtahValley360.com and Prosper Magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @lindsey5brooke.

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