2017 Fab 40: Belle Jewel


Age: 19
City: Provo

Casting call Belle added her indie singing style to the 11th season of “The Voice” when her blind audition of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” caused Alicia Keys to spin her chair around. After a steal from Miley Cyrus, Belle advanced to the Top 20 contestants. Now she performs and pursues her music career — as well as adding glam with custom designs on her Etsy shop.

Behind-the-scenes “I have a pet rat named Rhiannon after the Fleetwood Mac song. We have the same favorite foods (polenta, macaroni and cheese) and she loves to cuddle up with me when I’m singing or playing guitar. She also loves to chew up my shoes. She’s my favorite little supervillain!”

No place like home “One of my all-time favorite spots is Velour. I always feel so at home when I play a show there or go watch a show. I also have a soft spot for Sodalicious and Bombay House.”

Break-a-leg advice “Always, always be yourself! As cheesy as it sounds, this has been the most important piece of advice I’ve ever received from my mentors. It’s so important to freely express yourself.”

The show must go on “Being a musician always has its ups and downs, and the hard times can get really hard. It can be difficult to be an artist because it means that you have to be vulnerable and share your art with a lot of people. For me, my music is a super huge part of who I am and sometimes it can get overwhelming to share something so personal with the world.”

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