2017 Fab 40: Calen Chan


Age: 19
City: Orem

Casting call Calen’s love for parkour started with flips on his mom’s bed at age 2 and led him to an international freerunning competition in Greece last fall. After an intense online audition process, Calen jumped, spun and flipped alongside some of his heroes. His performance landed him a spot in the finals, guaranteeing his return at the next Red Bull Art of Motion.

Costume change In addition to competitions, Calen teaches parkour classes at Lowe’s, performs parkour in DevinSuperTramp videos and spends time with his YGT (You Got This) freerunning team.

The show must go on “My family has dealt with a lot of poverty. My parents both majored in dance, but my mom was diagnosed with MS when I was born so I’ve never seen her as she used to be. She’s one of the greatest people in my life. We’re hoping for things to change with my freerunning career. We want to eventually open a gym and teach dance and freerunning.”

Break-a-leg advice “The key to growing is stepping out of your comfort zone. Do something that makes you a little bit uncomfortable each day.”

Behind-the-scenes “I play the piano and I do it a lot. I play songs by ear and I’ve developed that talent so I can play Jon Schmidt’s ‘Waterfall.’ I also sing but I’m never really public about either, so my online fans don’t know that about me.”

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