2017 Fab 40: Carolyn Billings


Age: 48
City: Provo

Casting call Carolyn always dreamed of being a basketball player, but after she was hit on her bicycle and broke her leg, she found a new career — athletic training. She started at BYU in the athletic training program in 1990 and joined the staff after graduation. She’s now the director of sports medicine.

The show must go on “I’m battling bone cancer for the fourth time. My first diagnosis was when I was 9. I’m doing radiation to eliminate a few small tumors. My faith in God’s plan gets me through.”

Break-a-leg advice “All of my athletes and students know I say, ‘You can retake a class, but you can’t retake a party so you need to prioritize.’ That was the excuse I gave my mom because I like to party. Live in the moment and don’t wait to be happy.”

Behind-the-scenes “I lost my dad in a tragic accident two years ago. He was always looking for someone to help and quietly doing service. I challenged myself to continue that as his legacy.”

Encore “When the soccer team played in the Elite 8 in 2012 that was a fun team, the students were such great fans, it was such a fun environment and I was so proud of them.”

Dress rehearsal “I was one of the first women allowed to work with the football team. One day at practice out of the corner of my eye I see this football and it hit my quad and caused an instant dead leg, knocking me to the ground. The players started calling ‘The trainer is down!’ I didn’t want to be the trainer who got hurt at football so I popped up, said I was totally fine and then left to examine my huge bruise.”

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