2017 Fab 40: Cassandra Barney


Age: 49
City: Orem

Casting call For Cassandra, art is a way of life. She’s married to an assistant professor in the BYU art department. And she’s the oldest child of James Christensen, who recently passed away leaving a colorful and winged cavern in the local art scene. James and Cassandra worked on the design for Utah Regional Ballet’s “Snow White,” which opens March 10 at the Covey Center. Cassandra, who has chaired the Orem City Art Council, says the new costumes and backdrops are “epic, with huge elements coming together.”

Encore “I worked on the Provo City Center Temple murals with my dad. He taught me to be a better painter and person as we worked side by side. I want similar memories with my children.”

Break-a-leg advice “I think flexibility should be one of the Young Women values.”

Behind-the-scenes “I love playing with my granddaughter, and I’m wearing a tutu while typing this email. I love to make dollhouses, costumes, tents, tea parties, paper dolls and art with her.”

No place like home “I love the Orem Library and recently discovered the Orem Heritage Museum. Orem stories are fascinating.”

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