Age: 46
City: Lehi

Casting call The Pleasant Grove High Class of ‘89 knows justice. When Darren became Lehi police chief in 2014, he joined his fellow classmates-turned-chiefs — Orem’s Chief Gary Giles, Pleasant Grove’s Chief Mike Smith and Lone Peak’s Chief Brian Gwilliam. This father-of-four has been with the Lehi police department since 1994.

Behind-the-scenes Darren is a fourth-generation police officer. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather all wore the badge before him.

Encore “My proudest moment is when I got my masters’ degree in public administration from BYU. I went back to school after I got into law enforcement to progress my career.”

The show must go on “In 2001, we lost an officer and that was difficult. In 2008, another officer got shot and he had to retire. That was hard because he was my district supervisor and my mentor. We still go to lunch at least once a month, so that one has a happy ending.”

Costume change “My family loves the outdoors. We camp, hike, fish — we like to be outdoors together. Every year we go to Flaming Gorge with the whole family, all my siblings and cousins.”

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  1. I have known the Pauls all of my life. Darren’s great grand father was our home teacher. His grandfather and were in our ward forever. I currently volunteer with the Lehi Police Dept.

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