2017 Fab 40: Curtis Morley


Age: 43
City: American Fork

Casting call In 2016, Orem’s Elevate Fitness set out to take an “average Curtis” and get him on a triathlon podium with the right training, nutrition and equipment. This father of five and serial entrepreneur (currently kicking some orange butt at eLearning Brothers) wasn’t a competitor and had a fear of swimming due to a near drowning as a child. His fitness and nutrition commitment dropped 25 pounds off his previous 203-pound-frame, and his body fat percentage slimmed to single digits, which led to him winning the San Rafael Classic in Emery County and a podium finish in the Orem Share-A-Smile Triathlon. He clocked in a 5:30 mile and a 19-minute 5K. #runcurtisrun

Dress rehearsal “I came out of my first open water triathlon almost dead last. The people behind me had to be over 80.”

The show must go on “When I was 16, I was run over by a suburban. It broke my back, crushed my legs and scraped skin and muscle off my back. I had to relearn how to walk.”

Behind-the-scenes “I’m allergic to chocolate. I know I know …”

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