Fab 40 2017: Dan McDonald


Age: 46
City: Cedar Hills

Casting call The former lawyer for LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley has authored two Christian books, including “Gethsemamnesia,” a lulu.com national bestseller. Although Dan’s stomach is paralyzed and he has pancreatic failure, he cooks food for others, including ribs, meatballs, cinnamon rolls and cookies.

Behind-the-scenes  “I secretly cheer for the BYU men’s basketball team even though I’m a Crimson Club member. I have tremendous respect for Dave Rose, a pancreatic cancer survivor.”

Dress rehearsal “When I was arguing a case, I said, ‘Please turn to verse five’ instead of saying ‘paragraph five.’ Everyone in the courtroom burst out laughing. The judge said, ‘Only in Utah County.’”

The show must go on “When I had surgery to correct my lung disease, my vagus nerve was severed and it paralyzed my stomach. I lost 90 pounds and was told I’d be dead in two weeks unless they surgically placed a feeding tube in my abdomen. I live without food and am dependent on artificial enzyme injections.”

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