2017 Fab 40: Dr. Mark Jensen


Age: 43
City: Alpine

Casting call During Mark’s first year of a medical internship, he noticed senior residents closing up a C-section with staples. He asked if he could do it another way that would look better. That desire inspired him to become a plastic surgeon. The repeat winner of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Best Of” Contest says  his favorite procedures are working with breast cancer patients. “I like being the person who restores feminine identity through breast reconstruction surgery.”

Break-a-leg advice “I often tell patients, ‘Go big or go home!’ I’m certainly not suggesting they should go for a larger breast implant size, but rather that they should go for it in life. Have big dreams and figure out a way to achieve them.”

Reunion show “Every year, we host a lunch for our breast cancer patients. It started with 20 having lunch in our office. Now, it’s grown to hundreds and we rent a larger space. It’s great to see these people I’ve worked with who have hair growing back and feeling great. It’s overwhelming.”

Behind-the-scenes “I was a total nerd in junior high and high school and didn’t really care much about what people thought about me. My orthodontist presented me with the choice — either wear headgear at night for two-three years, or 24/7 for three months. I thought that was a no-brainer; I wore it 24/7 for three months. Now photos of me in my headgear out in public make my wife wonder how she ever fell in love with me.”

No place like home “That one is easy. I love Sundance — skiing, snowboarding, hiking, outdoor theatre, dining, zip line — you can’t beat it and it’s right here in Utah Valley.”

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