2017 Fab 40: Dr. Tom Judd


Age: 69
City: Draper

Casting call Although Tom says he is no longer a doctor (he retired in January), more than 26,000 babies in Utah Valley will always call him their delivery MD. “I could fill the Marriott Center with my babies.” His record is 14 babies in a calendar day.

Encore “I’ve been invited to thousands of birthday parties. The only other person who can say that is Chuckles the Clown. Every baby I’ve delivered has been the most fun because it’s a joy delivering each one.”

Costume change Retirement is a new experience to the father of 11 and grandfather of 20. “My wife has waited a long time to have me by herself. Even my grandkids don’t know what to do now that our world isn’t me being on call.”

No place like home “One of our favorite places to eat is Brick Oven. It’s one of the few places we can go as a family and when we ask for a table for 34 they smile and say ‘That will be about five minutes.’”

Break-a-leg advice “When you ask about a job, don’t ask about the money or the 401K or the benefits, but say to yourself, ‘Will I look forward to going to work 40 years from now if I keep doing this job?’”

Dress rehearsal “Being here is one of my most embarrassing moments. I’m a person who was blessed by being able to do a job for 47 years that I loved every minute of it. It was a privilege and an honor, but I don’t think that makes me famous, important or anything other than someone who enjoyed his job. Recognition is embarrassing.”

On-stage “My favorite place is the delivery room. I don’t care which hospital or which room number. I had the privilege of delivering several of my own children and a lot of my own grandchildren. It never gets old and that has to be a favorite place for me.”

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  1. AvatarAnnette Reply

    Miss you Dr. Judd, thanks for letting me teach you a thing or two! And for your continued patience with my learning antics!

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