2017 Fab 40: Emily Ray


Age: 21
City: Provo

Casting call The day after high school graduation in Brazil, Emily boarded a plane to study English in America. Although she left friends and family in Rio, she brought her musical talent. Now the singer-songwriter-dancer performs in Portuguese and English. At the end of February she performed at Rio Carnaval, an annual weeklong festival that  gives over a million people a taste of Brazil. She plans to go on tour in the United States and Brazil later this year.

Dress rehearsal “One of the most embarrassing moments I’ve had was when I took a really ugly picture of me making a crazy face to send to a friend and I accidentally sent it to a crush! We never ended up going on a date after that!”

Break-a-leg advice “If you have the opportunity to do something incredible today, do not leave it for tomorrow — do it right now. Do not let anyone say you are not capable or not talented because the most important human who has to believe in you, besides God, is yourself.”

The show must go on Emily describes one of the hardest times of her life was losing two of her close friends — one in a motorcycle accident and another to suicide. “These two friends I’ve lost are angels in my life and they give me strength to be a better person every day,” she says.

Behind-the-scenes “I’m a very happy person, so I can’t see anyone sad or lonely. I’ll always try to make them smile!”

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