2017 Fab 40: Nikki Dabrowski


Age: 24
City: Cedar Hills

Casting call Nikki began to cradle her love of lacrosse at Lone Peak High and continued through her BYU years. She’s now facing-off with her second season as head coach of BYU’s women’s team.

The show must go on “My world shattered when I tried out for the high school  soccer team and didn’t make it. It ended up being a blessing because I found lacrosse.”

Encore “I would love to relive the moment they placed my son in my arms for the first time. No words can express my joy and happiness. We did not find out the gender before, and that made it all the more exciting.”

Behind-the-scenes “I have direct ancestors on both my mom and dad’s lineage who came on the Mayflower, so they must have known each other. My husband is Polish, which makes our son as American as you can get and as Polish as you can get.”

No place like home “Hruska’s Kolaches is a go to breakfast place for our family. We also love Station 22 as our celebration restaurant.”

Dress rehearsal “My teammates called me Nicki Minaj my freshman year of college and one of my ‘assignments’ was to write a rap and preform it for the team, so I did. I don’t even remember how it went because I was so nervous and embarrassed but don’t even regret doing it.”

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