2017 Fab 40: Randy Blackburn


Age: 61
City: Lehi

Casting call Randy matches his colorful wardrobe with colorful sets for the drama and fine arts department at Lehi High School. “I love those kids and have an ever-growing list of missionaries I write to each week — over 30 thus far,” he says. “Every year I think about retiring but I make so many friends in the sophomore class, I just have to come back and help them with their shows.” Earlier in life a congenital eye disease caused Randy to lose his sight. After four cornea transplants and two lens implants, Randy now sees the color he creates in the world.

Encore “I would love to go back and paint murals at the Polynesian Cultural Center. I spent about nine months in a two-year period creating over 20 panels in the center. I used the influence of the amazing scenery surrounding me on that island to bring my vision to life. “

No place like home “As long as I can see the ever-changing view of Mt. Timpanogos, I feel content.”

Dress rehearsal “A few years ago, I was asked to play Granny in ‘Into the Woods’ with the Pioneer Alumni Reparatory Company.  I have never played a woman, so adding all the essentials to my costume made for quite a process.  One night on stage my rice bags fell out of my bra. The audience was hysterical as I tried to contain the bags inside my nightgown.  The actors themselves nearly lost it as body parts flew everywhere.”

Break a leg “My biggest piece of advice is don’t give up or settle for anything less than your desired goal. When I was in the hospital without any vision, I would spend my time drawing on scratchboards with shot needles. I never let the fact I couldn’t see keep me from creating.”

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