2017 Fab 40: Reno Mahe


Age: 36
City: Lehi

Casting call Reno is no stranger to headlines after a football career with the Philadelphia Eagles and a return to BYU as the running backs coach. But the headlines turned tragic when he lost his 3-year-old daughter in November. The father-of-eight and his wife, Sunny, donated Elsie’s organs as a life-saving blessing to others.

The show must go on “As a father, husband and coach you’re always trying to be tough and have this attitude of, ‘It’s OK, everything is good.’ But every now and then you get choked up and you just want to get in a corner and cry.”

In the spotlight “People in my position want to pick and choose when to be in the public eye. Things get scrutinized and you have lots of responsibilities, but at the same time you are also afforded a lot of opportunities. We cried more over those kinds of blessings — the outpour of people across the country and their support of our situation. That gratitude was overwhelming.”

Behind-the-scenes “I love chick flicks. I’m so stoked because my daughter loves Gilmore Girls, and when I have time we watch it together.”

Break-a-leg advice “With the whole thing about ‘Is your cup half-full or half-empty?’ Who cares?! You have a cup!”

Encore Reno married up 17 years ago, literally. On his wedding day to Sunny, a 6’2” former BYU volleyball player, Reno stood on phonebooks for the photos.

Act one “Being with Kalani is the best job ever — way better than playing in the NFL. I don’t know how to give him the credit he deserves. It’s easy when you have a boss that loves you and your family like his own.”

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