2017 Fab 40: Rhonda Bromley


Age: 48
City: Highland

Casting call During Rhonda’s four years as principal at Lone Peak, she has faced the stereotypes and statistics head-on and involved the community in proactively creating a culture of resiliency. She’ll take her skills and high-heeled shoe collection to her new position as secondary supervisor over high schools and junior highs in the Alpine School District.

Costume change Rhonda became a grandma two months ago.

Encore “I had sponsors putting up donations for me to run the New York Marathon as part of Lone Peak’s Gold Rush to raise money to build a school in Mexico. It was right after the Boston Marathon bombing, so there were police officers everywhere and thousands lined the streets to cheer for the runners. I felt so safe and so emotional. It was really hard and I didn’t think I could do it. I learned so many lessons. We need to line up and support each other — especially our youth — as they go through challenges.”

Behind-the-scenes “When I was a teenager, my dad gave me his autobiography, ‘Ron Cook: The first 40 years.’ I thought his life was pretty much over at 40, but I’m 48 and just getting started!”

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